We promise to always protect your home.

We promise to make your priorities, our priorities.

We promise to give you peace of mind.

We promise to be there for you.


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Carlson Exteriors Inc.  showed up on the day we needed the garage door fixed. Everyone seemed very organized and efficient.

November 20, 2018

Gianetta Risberg – Garage Door Repair in Normal IL

No concerns at all [before working with you]. I was very surprised at how quickly someone came and completed the work. It exceeded my expectations. I was also impressed by the timely responses and friendliness in email interactions with Tracy.

December 19, 2018

Manny Otero – Siding Repair in Normal IL

Yes [I was worried], because the work we had done is in the attic and concerning ventilation I was concerned about whether it would be done correctly, and if it would be effective.  We know nothing about this type of work so it was a bit of a leap of faith. I have worked with Carlson in the past and have been very happy with the work that was done.  I felt I could trust Carlson with this work and that was important because again, it’s not something we can climb up and look at and know if it was done correctly or not.  The gentleman who did the work was very polite and timely. Your workers are clean cut, polite, and personable.  They all seem to be trustworthy and past work we have used you for has been done well.

November 3, 2018

Repeat Customer

Shana Kagel- Roof Repair in Bloomington, IL

I had a very small job and didn’t know if I could get someone to take care of it since I did not already have a working reationship with a contractor. I was surprised and pleased that I was contacted right away to set up a time and look at my gutter problem. Caleb came out very promptly and checked out the problem, told me what needed to be done and how much it would cost. I especially want to compliment Caleb and Brad- both very professional and personable.

October 26, 2015

Carol Foster – Gutter Repair in Bloomington IL

I had no concerns prior to beginning the work.   I first called my State Farm Insurance Agent to see if they had any recommended roofing contractors.  I was told that although State Farm has a formal list of Body Shop and Glass repair folks, they do not on home repairs.  However, they do keep a local list of roofing folks that they have worked with in the past and that their policy holders had provided good feedback.  I had also checked the internet and found that Carson had the best comments to satisfaction and would recommend to friends and family. I was surprised at how quickly our problem was resolved.  In my mind, based on the current weather conditions, I assumed that I would be looking at a couple of weeks before the work might be scheduled.  I have always been weary of Internet reviews for any particular company as some may be “fake”.  Not so in the case of Carlson. I am pleased that all of the comments about the great service and satisfied customers shown on the Internet reviews are true.  Carlson did a great job for me! As you know, I only had a small roof repair completed.  The total process from my initial phone call, the estimation visit and repair was only a short 3 days.  I don’t know how you could improve on this.  It was great! Based on my initial experience with Carlson, I would HIGHLY recommend  you company to my friends, family, or anyone needing quality work done on their home.   Once my budget is set, I plan to have Carlson return in August 2020 to replace the roof on my home. Everyone that I have interacted with during the repair process for my home have been friendly, professional and dedicated to quality service and customer satisfaction.

May 8, 2019

Dave Bowling – Roof Repair Bloomington IL