We promise to always protect your home.

We promise to make your priorities, our priorities.

We promise to give you peace of mind.

We promise to be there for you.


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Employees were very courteous and friendly. Even though we experienced issues, they were quick to remedy them and every employee I spoke with was so nice and friendly. They also cleaned up very well each night so the kids could safely play outside! 🙂

October 19, 2017

Amy Culp – New Roof and Hail Damage Repair in Germantown Hills
Your professional team did a great job!  I have lots of positive feedback for you.  I will answer your questions first and then give you additional information.
1.  When we started down this path of choosing a roofing company we had many concerns.  Quality and professionalism were the top two concerns followed closely by what if we choose the wrong color shingles. (I’ll give more feedback on how you beat out your competition below)
2.  I was surprised by the amount of knowledge that Nick had about roofing and construction because typically when you meet with “the salesperson” it’s all about getting the customer to sign the paper so “the salesperson” can meet their sales goal.  This was not the case with Nick.  Nick asked me if there were any immediate issues that he needed to be aware of like leaks or damages.  That surprised me!  I showed him the spots in my ceiling where there were leaks.  He walked me through multiple options.  I knew enough about the problems and gave him the back story on the issues which led to deeper discussion and even better solutions.  Another surprise was the large list of homes where we could drive by and see the shingles already installed.  Very helpful!!
3.  I was pleased with how concerned everyone was – even you, Lora – with making sure the customers needs were being met.  Nick followed up with me to see if there were any other issues that came to mind after our first meeting.  Dave and I had several good conversations regarding the progress and he even came back after they finished up to take care of a couple small things.  Your team was very friendly and professional.  I talked with several of the team members as they were doing their job (Caleb and others) and they all were friendly and professional.  And, of course, I was very pleased with the results.  The shingles matched nicely with the siding.  The skylight looks great!  The chimney cap was painted to match the vent pipes.  Great job!
4.  I don’t know what you could’ve done to make it better.  The fact that you have your own team and do not subcontract means every team member has skin in the game!  This was also big selling point for me.  The better everyone performs the happier the customer is which leads to more business referrals and provides more work.
5.  Yes!  I already have!  And I will continue to spread my experience to my coworkers at Caterpillar, and my friends and family members, too!  You can add me to your referral list (name, address, phone number).
Now, let me give you some additional information.  Your team responded the fastest to my request for a meeting.  Nick set up a meeting with me and kept it.  Your competitor called me back and set up a meeting, as well, but cancelled it saying it wasn’t warm enough yet.  Another competitor dropped by unannounced while Nick was there.  That to me was very unprofessional and I told him his business practices did not align with my expectations of professionalism.  Again, professionalism is very high with your team.
May 2, 2018
Robert Hinshaw – Roof Replacement in Bloomington IL

I would recommend Carlson Exteriors to others, in fact I already have since neighbors were wondering what we needed done to our roof. I did not have any concerns before the work was done. Because I had met Nick earlier and he had done some repair work on my roof already and he no longer worked for All Seasons Roofing, I felt this time my problems would be taken care of completely. 

August 4, 2015

Nancy Rutledge – Roofing Repairs in Bloomington IL

It was nice that a person answered the phone when the number was dialed. Other companies wouldn’t return numerous phone calls. The pricing was fair too. Good Pricing and good craftsmanship.

November 20, 2017

Mike S – Partial roof replacement

Your crew has been professional and I am completely satisfied with your work. You have delivered when you said you would. You have fixed the problems both times that you have been out to my house. I would recommend your company to any of my insureds and anyone who would ask me for a recommendation. Carlson Exteriors is a great company!!!

Repeat Customer

May 7, 2015

Tom Brokaw – Roof Replacement in Bloomington IL