English Wedgewood

two story blue house with cream and tan accents. Faux cedar skaes

English Wedgewood is a premium siding color available through Mastic. As you can see from the above pictures, the blue can look more dusky or more vibrant depending on the accent colors. These homes are located in Morton, IL, Bloomington IL, and Normal, IL.

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  1. Hello!
    Will you please help me? I need to match exterior house paint (actually cedar stain) to two Mastic colors. The colors are English Wedgewood, and Quiet Willow. Can you let me know the paint/stain manufacturer and the locator # or color # for each one? Thank you!!

    • Hi Claire, We don’t use stains or paints but if you go to Sherwin Williams and let them know you want a paint or stain in those colors. They should be able to take care fo you.

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