EnviroDri is a water resistant membrane that is sprayed onto your home after it’s been sheeted. The membrane and the wooden underlayment function as one unit once the membrane is cured. All seams have a water resistive “mesh” applied over and then sprayed again by the EnviroDri membrane. The mesh flexes with the seams the house settles, effectively protecting it throughout the shifting. Since EnviroDri is sprayed on there won’t be any mechanical fasteners piercing the barrier, so absolutely no risk of leaks due to that. Since the membrane is adhered to the sheeting, if your siding blows off your house is still protected from any storms or high winds

House wrap’s flaws are EnviroDri’s strengths

4 Biggest Benefits of EnviroDri

1. Protects Wooden Sheeting from Moisture

      Prevents Mold and Mildew

2. Permeable Membrane

      Lets moisture pass to the outside so the inside stays dry

3. Reduces Air Infiltration Through Exterior Walls

      This makes your home more energy efficient

4. Permanently Adhered 

      Membrane is adhered to sheeting so your house is protected in high storms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Homeowner Brochure

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