What is Dryvit?

Dryvit is most frequently referred to as stucco looking material by homeowners but is actually a composite material that was designed to be insulated and water resistant, while maintaining a “beautiful” exterior appearance.

Like most specialized products, Dryvit only works if installed properly. Dryvit is similar to brick’s installation where there needs to be a gap between your sheeting (underlayment) and the Dryvit to allow the moisture to dry without being up against the wood.  The majority of Dryvit jobs were installed wrong, forcing the Dryvit to soak up the water and retain it against the wooden underlayment, allowing it to rot and get moldy. There is no way to tell the condition of the underlayment without removing the Dryvit- many homeowners are living with severe rot and damage without being aware of it.

Carlson Exterior’s is proud to be one of the few contractors in the Bloomington/ Normal area who is equipped to handle the extensive damage that could be lurking behind your Dryvit exterior.

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