Scottish Thistle is a light green siding made by Mastic. This light green siding can look subdued if paired with dark accents or can appear more intense if placed next to lighter colors.

If you are interested in a darker shade for your green siding, check out Quiet Willow.


  1. Scottish Thistle almost looks like a green’gray in some pictures I see. Is it sort of a green-gray mix or is it noticeably green?

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your interest, but since we do not install stone we do not have those records. You could take the photo into your contractor to see if they can help you track it down.

  2. Hi I am having my sided with the Scottish thistle and would like to know good light colors to use for the shutters and front door.

  3. oopps I meant for it to read having my house sided with the Scottish thistle and would like to know good light colors to use for the shutters and front door.

  4. Do you have any photos, perhaps, of Quiet Willow siding on the home and Scottish Thistle cedar shake in the gables or dormers?

    1. I am putting Scottish Thistle on my small Cape Cod bungalow I do not like white or light cream colors trying to make dirt less noticeable as an accent (trim, soffit area and around the windows) what would you recommend for a smaller house? I will be removing the shutters. Door color to accent also. Thanks Stephanie
      Ps: I want a sudden pop

      1. Hi Stephanie,

        A Mastic’s Bronze, Musket Brown, or Terra Bronze might be what you are looking for. Many homeowners have paired those as accent colors to Quiet Willow and it looks lovely! Since Scottish Thistle is lighter than Quiet Willow, those colors would create more of a contrast (while hiding dirt) and giving you the pop you are looking for!

  5. Hello, can scottish thistle come off minty or yellowish green at all? (I’m hoping not.) Also, what colors can be paired with scottish thistle to give it a grayish hue? Thanks!

    1. I think it comes off more as a gray green than minty or yellowish green. I would take a look at the photos on this post and see which one achieves the look you are trying to accomplish the best.

  6. Above you suggested tha some trim colors make the green look a little gray. Can you please tell me what colors make ST look grayer vs. green. Thank you.

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