When Carlson Exteriors started offering residential roof replacements, we knew that we wanted to offer a different kind of roof. An Unconditional Roof.

So, what does an “Unconditional Roof” mean?

We have partnered with CertainTeed to give you a worry-free roof. CertainTeed guarantees the cost of a roof we replace for up to 50 years – 100% NO PRORATING! This warranty will cover the cost of materials and labor to tear off your roof and replace it over the next 50 years. No fine print. No loop holes. When we are done we will even send you a transferrable certificate as proof. We always stand behind our labor and now we have a manufacturer that stands behind their product.

Click here to see an example warranty

Besides completely tearing off and replacing the roof, Carlson Exteriors performs minor roof repairs; fixing any roof leaks, replacing missing shingles with best matched shingle, clay tile roof repairs, and any other miscellaneous roof repair.  We replace and repair flat roofs, low slope roofs, and rubber roofs. Visit the page about flat roofs and low slope roofs.

Carlson Exteriors gives free Roof-Life Expectancy Evaluations. If you think your roof might be on it’s last leg and might be time to replace it, give us a call and we will come out and let you know how many years we think your roof has left. In the meantime, check out this article on Early Signs of Roof Failure.

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Carlson Exteriors was 16th in the Nation and 2nd in the State of Illinois of top roofers on CertainTeed’s list!

CertainTeed names the Nations top 20 Roofers - Carlson Exteriors was 16th in the Nation and 2nd in State of Illinois

You might be interested in learning why your 30-year shingles won’t last that long. Click here to hear Project Manager Nick Coyle talk about “30-Year Shingles” and what you can do about it.

Top view of a Moire Black roof in Normal IL

Are you thinking about a new roof? Not sure if you should get a roof layover or tear off existing shingles and install a new roof? Click here to read the pros and cons for layover roofs and tear offs.

It’s good to know what goes underneath your shingles. This article touches on important points to your roof underlayment.

Winterguard and Diamond deck photo


I wasn’t sure how quickly you would be able to get to us. Winter was coming and I wanted our siding fixed before it got too bad. Caleb assured me we could make it work. I don’t think anything really surprised me, except I do think that your people were more professional than some workers we’ve had on previous home jobs. That was a nice surprise! I was very happy with how quickly Johnny worked and what a nice job he did. He had to remove and then attach siding around our cable wires, and he found a way to make it work, plus the siding and trim looked as good as new (better than the way it was before, actually) when he was done. I know putting second-floor shutters on in cold and wind can’t be easy, but he just did it and did it well without complaints. He also went the extra mile moving the screens and extra siding into the garage so I didn’t have to. Everybody we spoke to (whoever was on the phone when I called for information, plus Caleb who came out and Johnny who did the work) was very professional and easy to work with in terms of explanations, answering questions, doing what they said when they said, and in general, making sure everything went smoothly and without hassles for us. Everything about the experience was seamless for us.

December 4, 2018

Julie Johnson – Siding repairs in Bloomington IL

We did not have any concerns prior to the work being started on our house. The ease of working with Nick Coyle to pick the products we needed for our roof was most surprising. The process was much easier than we had anticipated. We were pleased with the workmanship of our roof and the gutter guards. Nick provided us such excellent customer service that I would recommend solely because of him. If his service is indicative of all your supervisors, we would be interested in working with Carlson Exteriors again.

March 14, 2017

Christine Hodges – Gutter Guards and Roof Replacement in Bloomington, IL

Your siding guy, Rick, is here now and under the siding is a huge mess of rotten wood, ants, and ant nests. He’s got a nasty job to deal with and he’s been so friendly and helpful. He’s been spraying the ants as he goes which is above and beyond. I really appreciate his hardworking and the great job he is doing!!!

June 5, 2017

Kristen Drake – Leak Repair in Bloomington IL

I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the crew. Dave, the foreman, was helpful, knowledgeable about my job, and happy to answer my questions. Great company to work with. The price was slightly higher than other bids, but I felt the initial customer service I received from Nick helped to justify it. He spent enough time with me answering my questions that I felt very comfortable hiring the company. After meeting the crew and seeing the overall job they did, I’m now confident I made the right decision.

October 10, 2018

Stewart House – Roof Replacement in Bloomington

We chose Carlson Exteriors based on my research of businesses who perform the type of work we needed. Nothing surprised us, we knew what needed to be done.  We were surprised by the patience, understanding, politeness and of course the knowledge of repair and products. I was very impressed with each crew who worked out here. Very polite and professional. At the end of each day grounds and area were all cleaned up.

December 12, 2019

Vickie Zehr – Siding and Roof Replacement in Saybrook

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