[un-con-di-tion-al (adj) not limited by conditions]




When Carlson Exteriors started offering residential roof replacements, we knew that we wanted to offer a different kind of roof. An Unconditional Roof.

So, what does an “Unconditional Roof” mean?

We have partnered with CertainTeed to give you a worry-free roof. CertainTeed guarantees the cost of a roof we replace for up to 50 years – 100% NO PRORATING! This warranty will cover the cost of materials and labor to tear off your roof and replace it over the next 50 years. No fine print. No loop holes. When we are done we will even send you a transferrable certificate as proof. We always stand behind our labor and now we have a manufacturer that stands behind their product.

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Besides completely tearing off and replacing the roof, Carlson Exteriors performs minor roof repairs; fixing any roof leaks, replacing missing shingles with best matched shingle, clay tile roof repairs, and any other miscellaneous roof repair.  We replace and repair flat roofs, low slope roofs, and rubber roofs. Visit the page about flat roofs and low slope roofs.


Carlson Exteriors gives free Roof-Life Expectancy Evaluations. If you think your roof might be on it’s last leg and might be time to replace it, give us a call and we will come out and let you know how many years we think your roof has left. In the meantime, check out this article on Early Signs of Roof Failure.

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Carlson Exteriors was 16th in the Nation and 2nd in the State of Illinois of top roofers on CertainTeed’s list!

CertainTeed names the Nations top 20 Roofers - Carlson Exteriors was 16th in the Nation and 2nd in State of Illinois

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Top view of a Moire Black roof in Normal IL

Are you thinking about a new roof? Not sure if you should get a roof layover or tear off existing shingles and install a new roof? Click here to read the pros and cons for layover roofs and tear offs.

It’s good to know what goes underneath your shingles. This article touches on important points to your roof underlayment.

Winterguard and Diamond deck photo


We are pleased and so impressed with the work ethic, service, work crew, concern for pleasing us, preparation, and clean-up AND the finished roof! This was the best experience we’ve had with a service company in our memory. We so appreciate Caleb’s overseeing of the work and his sincere concern for meeting and exceeding our expecations when we hired Carlson Exteriors. Carlson is a real class act!

March 15, 2015

The Gokens – Roof Replacement in Bloomington IL

My only initial concern was going to be price.  I felt confident that the work would be done correctly.
I was very happy to have worked out a price that was fair with other quotes received.
I was very happy and surprised about four things:
1. It appeared to be done correctly.  They look great.
2. The finish and quality of the installation was clean and crisp.  Very professional.
3. The downspouts were installed with a hinge so that I could flip up the extension when mowing.  That was a very nice touch with quality hinges.
4. You installed an extra splash guard where two roof sections came together to minimize water passing over the gutter.  Again, very cool and very professional/clean.  It shows that you care about doing it right.
I honestly can’t think of anything that you could have done better or differently.  I mean, the only thing that I regret is that the gutters look so nice, they make my facia look old and dirty and I wish I would have had that replaced too.  But that’s not your problem.  You guys did great.
April 26, 2018

Nathan Howard – Gutter Replacement in Le Roy IL

There were no surprises. We were very pleased with the ease of scheduling and timeliness of the work being completed. The workers were so prompt. We will also use Carlsonin the future is the need arises

August 2, 2016

Suzi Keim – Siding Replacement in Bloomington IL

My concerns about hiring you was basically I didn’t know much about siding. Your company has a national name and I was concerned about the quality of your work. I did some research about what encompasses a good siding job and then looked at some of the houses you sided. Then I looked at a not so good job like my neighbor got from hiring a fly by night company. I also talked to some contractors that were familiar with your work. I also liked the fact that you didn’t require so much $ down that told me you were confident in your work. Your guys were very personable and did a good job working around our plants which is a job in it self. The guys worked well together and seemed to like their jobs. They also kept us informed on what they were doing and when they were going to be here. Yes, we would recommend your company. You did an excellent job on the house. You really pay attention to detail and the siding guys and gutter guys do a quality job and seem to take pride in the job they do. It shows. We have already had compliments on the looks of the job. Thanks for a good job

September 25, 2018

Jim Rogers – Siding Replacement in Normal IL

Our nieghbors used your services and we saw the good results. Excellent clean up each day! Thoughfulness of ALL the workers. Caleb and Nick both followed up with little finishing details. It was easy to talk to them and I know I can still call them. You take pride in your work.

May 13, 2015

Margaret Wolf – New roof in Bloomington, IL