I promise to be on YOUR side. Always.

Darren Carlson owner of Carlson Exteriors
Darren Carlson – Owner and Creator of Carlson Exteriors.

“I know it’s difficult to entrust quite possibly your largest possession with a contractor you don’t really know and in an industry that is abound with poor principles. When I started this company, I wanted to do something different. All of the other exterior companies in the area I viewed as inferior to a basic core philosophy. Customer first, company second, and self last. I thought if we followed that philosophy, how can we fail? It is our responsibility to take our commitment to our customers seriously and with integrity.

The industry we’re in has a fair amount of turnover. I’m proud of the fact that we are able to retain the majority of our employees in key positions. My goal as we grow is to make sure we hire staff with a high moral character. We can train the trade, but it’s difficult to impart morals. We will make mistakes, I can assure you of that. However, our response is somewhat atypical for our industry: We don’t run and hide.”

Darren CarlsonOwner