Ironstone siding is a dark grey siding created by Royal. This dark grey, almost black, siding can be color matched into a board and batten (vertical siding) or various shakes.

If you are interested in dark colors but want something slightly different than Ironstone- Misty Shadow might strike your fancy.


    1. Hi Kyle,

      I believe Tando (brand) makes a custom color to match Ironstone exactly. I would ask your contractor to show you the rough staggered styles available in that custom color. Please note you may need to meet a minimum quantity to get the customer color but it’s not an absurd amount. That’s the route we usually go when someone wants to match Ironstone for the shake.

  1. I’m building a house and like this ironstone but wondering a suggestion for just a shade lighter, not as light as the deep granite. But also a true gray and not a brown or blue tint. Any suggestions?

    1. Take a look at Mastic’s Solar Defense colors Deep Cavern and Natural Slate. Those may be more expensive than Ironstone or Deep Granite. I’d talk to your contractor to see if they have any suggestions. For vinyl siding – we only use Royal and Mastic so your contractor may use different lines with different color options. Worth checking with them!

  2. Hi I love the iron stone color. Does shutters and front door have to match . I’m having trouble pick colors since iron stone is dark. I was thinking black door and blk shutters will that be to dark ??? Or do I go w a lighter gray ?😰thank you

    1. Hi Juanita, It all comes down to the look you want. We’ve had homeowners who LOVE the dark look and pair ironstone with black and others who love pairing a bright and vibrant color with the dark grey. If your gut is telling you to go black, go black.

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