Johnney Lowe


Johnney Lowe typically runs service calls and siding related crews. Johnney never rushes a job just to “complete” it. He has a very critical eye and will not use any material that has even the slightest scratch or color difference.


Johnney loves to play darts and is an expert at pool.

Mitchell Harston

Foreman – Garage Doors

Mitchell Harston is our Garage Door Specialist. No garage door gets installed by Carlson Exteriors without his supervision. When he’s not installing garage doors you can find him installing fences or working on siding projects.


Mitchell spends a lot of his free time with his Chihuahua, Cujo, and his son, Adrian

Brad Smith

Foreman – Gutters

Brad Smith oversees our seamless gutter crews. He enjoys what he does and is skilled at re-routing gutter for proper water flow. You can also find Brad working on fences, installing house wrap, or working on siding crews.


Brad loves meeting new people and going on adventures

Ricky Schultz


Ricky Schultz is a jack of all trades. He works quickly and professionally on all crews, roofing, siding, gutters, and often runs solo on repairs. Ricky always has a chipper attitude and brings a smile to anyone he meets.


He loves to spend beautiful days on his motorcycle

Joe Schenk

Foreman – Siding

Joe Schenk leads our siding crew. He makes sure everyone on his crew is timely and professional.  Joe always thinks ahead to make sure no extra material is missed and catches problems before they happen.


After hours you can find him practicing or competing in Bird Dog Circuits

Nathan Lowe

Foreman – Siding

Nathan Lowe runs one of our siding crews. Nathan likes to have a no-nonsense crew. Thanks to years of experience, Nathan is very efficient at what he does. He teaches many of the greener employees on how to hone in on their siding craft.


He loves to help his mom achieve her gardening dreams

Bryant Cawley


Bryant Cawley is one of our finest at repairs. He’s always upbeat while he takes on the challenges for the day. He is a jack of all trades and can install storm doors, repair siding, replace pipe boots, replace missing shingles, and so much more. If you see his smiling face at your home; your day just got better.


He is an EXCELLENT chef

John Jennison


John Johnson is the foreman of our Enviro Dri and Tyveking services. He makes sure your home is waterproof and will not leak before your siding gets installed. He’s the ultimate protector of your home and does his dirty work proudly.


He has an “Outie” belly button.

Charles Tromp

Foreman – Siding

Charles Tromp is a siding foreman who sides new construction homes or performs siding repairs. Although he is newer to our team, he has been siding for almost his whole life. He has seen and done it all!


He’s a certified Scuba Diver

Chris Folk

Foreman – Roofing

Chris Folk is our newest foreman for the roofing division. He previously had been cross training on a siding crew. He is now an extremely diverse employee who can work on siding and roofing repairs.


He has an undying passion for Disney on Ice

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