Lp Smartside – hardboard siding

LP Smartside is made up of wood fibers combined with waxes, industrial grade binders, Zinc-borate, and resin overlay. It is a hard board siding. Hard board siding is any type of siding that is a solid lap; for a comparison, when you look at the profile of vinyl siding it is a hollow shell. See image below:

Comparing the profile of Mastic vinyl siding, LP Smartside, and James Hardie Fiver Cement siding

LP Smartside siding is an impact resistant siding that will remain resistant against hail or golf balls. It’s available in many standard colors or you can create your own custom color by picking a pain color and having the manufacture finish to that color. Many homeowners pick LP Smartside because of the versatility available in the design of the home. For example, vinyl vertical siding is only available with battens 8″ on center but with LP Smartside a homeowner can determine how far apart they would like the battens. Vinyl horizontal siding is typically only available in 3″, 4″, 4.5″ or 5″ widths and some brands offer 8″ widths only in white. With LP Smartside (and other hard board options) you can pick your width as small as 2″ and up to 12″.

Below is a project highlight where the homeowners didn’t want to completely replace the siding on their home but needed repairs where their original siding was failing. We were able to order in 4×8 sheets of a stucco texture LM Smartside primed. Then our crew painted the boards in the exterior paint the homeowners use to paint the rest of their home.

If you are interested in comparing LP Smartside with other options – Click here to be taken to Part 1 of 4 in a blog series comparing hardboard options.

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