Roof Replacements: Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a shingle layover?

A roof layover, or shingling on top of your existing roof, is not the best option in general. It shortens the life of the new roof and it limits the warranty on the shingles given by the manufacturer, CertainTeed. When you put shingles on top of the older shingles, any hidden roof rot will remain hidden. It will not be fixed like it would be when the whole roof is replaced. Two layers of roof can cause problems with ventilation. Because of these issues, many roofing manufacturers cannot warranty their shingle material on layovers as long as they would on a tear-off.

Do I have storm damage / should I submit this to insurance? 

Ultimately your insurance company decides if you have storm damage but it’s always a good idea to have a local roofing contractor come take a look before you call your insurance. Some roof repairs will be less than or close to your deductible and will not be worth filing a claim with your insurance.

What’s the difference between the Landmark and Landmark Pro Shingle? 

There are two big differences between these shingles lines. The first is the Landmark has a 10 year warranty against algae and the Landmark Pro has a 15 year warranty against algae. If you have mature trees around your home; it might be a good idea to select the Landmark Pro as your shingle for your roof replacement. The second difference is physical weight. Landmark Pro is a slightly heavier shingle than the Landmark.

Are my shingles 50 year shingles?

All shingles are now labeled as limited lifetime shingles as opposed to 20 year, 30 year, or 50 year shingles. Most asphalt shingle roofs will last between 20 to 25 years.

Why are you switching my box vents to ridge vent? 

Box vents are being replaced with ridge vent because ridge vent gives a more effective ventilation for the overall roof. The ridge vent gives a cleaner look for the overall appearance of the roof.

Is ridge vent included in my roof estimate?

Yes – almost every roof replacement estimate Carlson Exteriors provides will include ridge vent. Take a look at your roof estimate and if it states “shingle over ridge vent” that means ridge vent. If your home does not have enough ridge line, box vents will be used and will be listed on your estimate.

New ridge and ridge vent was installed on a house that had damaged ridge vent

Will you put starter in the rakes and eaves? 

Carlson Exteriors puts starter in the rakes and eaves of all roof replacements per shingle manufacturer requirements.

Why are you using synthetic felt instead of real felt? 

Synthetic felt is stronger and more durable than 15 lb or 30 lb asphalt saturated felt. It doesn’t tear as easily and will withstand all elements better if it’s exposed.

What if I have bad sheeting? 

If you have buckled or rotted sheeting, it will need replaced during the roof replacement. It’s impossible to tell the exact amount of wood that will need to be replaced until the shingles have been removed.

How far up do you install ice and water barrier? 

Per city code, ice and water barrier is required to be applied two feet inside living space. If you have larger overhangs, you will have more ice and water than if you have standard over hangs.

Roof installation in progress showing proper installation and placement of ice and water barrier, synthtic felt, and architectural shingles
Roof installation in progress showing proper installation and placement of ice and water barrier, synthtic felt, and architectural shingles

Do you offer financing plans or payment plans? 

Carlson Exteriors does not offer financing or payment plans. It is best to call your bank and talk loan options with them.

How do I see roof colors for my new roof?

There are few options to look at roof colors. We have sample shingle boards (1′ x1′ size) we can drop off at your home. You can compare how different roof colors look with your siding, brick or stone. We can give you addresses of roofs in certain colors for you to drive by and look at. You can give us addresses of roofs you like the color of and we can let you know what color that is. You can explore online through our website or Certainteed’s website. If you explore CertainTeed’s website be sure to enter your zip code so you can see colors available in your region.

Are light color roofs better for heating and cooling? 

The difference between light and dark colors roofs are very minimal when it comes to heating and cooling. We recommend picking a roof color that coordinates with your home because there will be no noticeable difference in your utility bills.

What is included in my roof warranty? 

CertainTeed 4 star warranty is a 50 year non pro-rated warranty that protects you agains shingle defects or premature aging (excessive granule loss, cracking, splitting, or curling shingles). Carlson Exteriors provides a 3 year labor warranty with every roof replacement. If you want to upgrade to the 5 star warranty with provides a 25 year warranty on workmanship or protects you against installer error.

A Look Into Our Work Week

cedar garage door in raised panel with madison windows
finished a complete reside of a house and started replacing trim on a new house
finished a complete reside of a house and started replacing trim on a new house

Joe and his crew completed installing new siding on a home. They used Sandstone (tan siding) with Royal brown soffit and fascia. Since they completed that they started updating the look of a home by replacing the trim boards with new. Joe has been working very closely with the homeowner to achieve the look she has been dreaming about.


Jamel has stepped into the gutter lead role while Brad is helping Mitchell install garage doors. Jamel has been excelling at installing gutters on new construction homes, replacing existing gutters for homeowners, and making small gutter repairs.

Mitchell and Bard have installed 9 garage doors in 3 days. The variety of the doors this week has been really fun to see. They have installed garage doors with a cedar look but maintenance free, timeless raised panel garage doors, and lovely stamped carriage garage doors.

Johnney has been busy with a lot of window and door leaks this week so far. Many of the windows had tyvek installed incorrectly and were not properly sealed. He has to remove the windows, replace any and all rotted wood, add tyvek, install the window, tape it properly, and re-install siding. Johnney and Ricky have been working together a decent amount this week.

Many siding repairs and fixed leaks around sliding glass door
Many siding repairs and fixed leaks around sliding glass door

Ricky has fixed siding that has come loose from the higher winds and replaced siding that blew off completely. He has fixed leaks on sliding glass doors and windows. These leaks were all caused by the doors and windows not being properly installed originally. All windows and doors were re-used so homeowner didn’t not have to buy new windows or doors.

Dave performed a cedar roof repair this week. Jayden helped Dave replace a big valley on a roof that was leaking from ice dams. The shingles were removed, an ice ands water barrier was added, and then new shingles were added and worked into the older shingles.

On top of all the small shingle repairs, Jayden has removed a satellite tv dish from a roof and replaced the shingles with new. Jayden also installed 2 new chimney caps. Way to go!

One day this week, Josh replaced all the plastic vents on this home with new aluminum ones. Aluminum vents are more durable than plastic roof vents. The new vents matched the color better than the sun faded plastic ones. On top of this, Josh has performed many smaller roof repairs this week.

Nathan and his crew have been working hard to meet a deadline set on this new build home. It’s hard not to fall in love with the look of this home. Selections are: Driftwood Roof, Harbor grey shakes, Harbor grey siding in a 5″ reveal (wider than the standard width for siding), and white fascia and soffit.

Bryant has been helping Nathan and his crew meet their deadline. He has also managed to squeeze in some siding repairs and help other new homes complete their punch list items so the homeowner can close on their home.

John J has been busy making sure all new builds are water tight and leak free.

Which Shingle Should You Put On Your House?

These are all Weathered Wood – you can see the color differences in each line

It’s time to replace the roof on your home, which shingle should you pick? Many contractors present you with a “Good, Better, Best” scenario but that is a generalized comparison of the shingles. The specific details are what will help you make your decision. Carlson Exteriors quotes CertainTeed Landmark, Landmark Pro, and Northgate shingles for roof replacement options. There are more options but these 3 really cover the basics for a homeowner wanting to replace the roof.

Mastic white siding, white trim, black windows, CertainTeed Pewter grey roof, Black garage doors with not windows
Mastic white siding, white trim, black windows, CertainTeed Pewter grey roof, Black garage doors with not windows


Landmark is our standard shingle and is our most popular roof for replacements and new construction. It is a great quality shingles. The shingle weighs 220lb per 100 sq foot. It is available in 12 different colors. Compared to the Landmark Pro and Northgate, the Landmark is more unified in color. It use to be considered a 30 year shingles but is now called a limited lifetime shingles. We generally see this shingles lasting around 20 years plus or minus a few years. If you get a roof replaced by Carlson Exteriors we do register your roof for a 4-star roof warranty with Certainteed. This is a 50 year non prorated warranty that will increase with inflation. You can transfer this roof warranty once within the first 12 years to a new homeowner. Click here to read more about the roof warranty Carlson Exteriors offers. If you are unsure how long you will be living in your current home, this will likely be the shingle for you.

Roof Replacement with Landmark Pro Max Def pewter grey shingles
Roof Replacement with Landmark Pro Max Def pewter grey shingles

Landmark Pro

The Landmark Pro shingle is the most likely upgrade for roof replacements. This shingle weighs 240 lb per 100 sq foot. There are 14 colors available in this line; each color has lighter lights and darker darks to provide more variation and texture in the overall look. The Pro shingles has a 5 year longer warranty against algae growth. The granules are made with copper which helps fight against algae growth. If part of your roof gets little sun or is covered by mature trees the Landmark Pro might be the shingles for you. For a little more money, you get a heavier shingle, a shingle more resistant to algae growth, and a shingle with more color variations.


Northgate is a great option if you are looking at upgraded shingles. This shingle weighs 320 lb per 100 sq foot – that is 100 lbs more than the Landmark. The Northgate comes in 11 colors. The colors have a higher contrast (like the Landmark Pro) but it is a more defined shadow mark. This gives a better allusion to a shaker style roof. The Northgate is also SBS Modified shingle; this makes it more flexible to withstand hail, expansion, and contraction. We generally see this roof lasting closer to 30 years since the shingle is overall more durable shingle. Since the Northgate shingles is a Class 4 Impact Resistant shingle, you should check with your home insurance to see what discounts you might qualify for. The Northgate shingle is really ideal for the homeowner who knows they will live in their home a long time and can get the return on a higher quality shingle.


How Covid Changed The Construction Industry (and still is)

Custom grey board and batten vertical fiber cement siding with grey shakes, white trim, metal accent porch roof, and Driftwood shingles

Ever since covid-19 made it’s roaring appearance; industries worldwide have found themselves in whirlwind of changes, problems, and shortages. Let’s narrow the focus to just construction so you can get an idea on what you might be facing if you decide to remodel or build a new home. The shutdown ripple effect, material shortages, man-power shortages, price increases, and wage increases are all at constant play in the current market. Let’s start at the beginning:

The Shutdown:

When everything was shutdown in March 2020, many manufactures laid off employees and shut down plants completely. Depending on the state the manufacturer was in; they were required to completely shut down. Others shut down because they thought new builds and remodels would come to a big halt. They were guessing that many homeowners would not want to take on any construction projects during an unpredictable financial period. instead, homeowners found themselves working from home and wanting to improve their new “offices”. Manufacturers quickly realized their mistake in predicting the future; however it was harder to backpedal than expected. Depending on the state and it’s covid mandate, some roofing, siding, and aluminum companies decided it would be better in the long run to move some manufacturing plants out of the state and into a state with looser covid restrictions. That means they would have to retrofit an existing building, move staff, and train new staff to get a plant running again. They were still likely working with some covid restrictions and not able to produce at full capacity. This produced some serious backlog on orders.

Mastic white siding, white trim, black windows, CertainTeed Pewter grey roof, Black garage doors with not windows
Mastic white siding, white trim, black windows, CertainTeed Pewter grey roof, Black garage doors with not windows

Material Shortages:

After hurdling all that the shutdown threw at them; manufacturing plants now found themselves facing a raw material shortage. All materials from shingles to vinyl siding to aluminum gutters to the steel in garage doors are facing a higher production cost and reduced manufacturing (partially due to reduced labor forces). If plants can’t get the materials they need to produce; products get backordered and prices get raised.

Enviro Dri water barrier
Enviro Dri water barrier

Price Increases:

Record price increases have occurred within the year. Before covid, prices would only increase once or twice a year to keep up with inflation. There would be at least a 30 day notice provided. Now it’s not surprise if there is just a 4 hour notice. This has never happened before. Prices are never stable. The manufacturers are dealing with such a volatile market in materials and strains on labor they have to keep the price changing frequently to stay profitable.

What does this mean for you?

Let’s reduce all of this to what it means for the homeowner of 2022. If you know you want to replace the siding on your home – jump on it. Unless you are ok with paying more in a couple months, don’t wait! Get your roofing selections to your contractor to lock in your price even if you aren’t ready to do the work for months. If you are building a new home, the sooner you place your selections the sooner you will have your prices locked in. We have found many homeowner building new homes, take their time in making selections. Normally we don’t like to rush homeowners into decisions but after a month the price will likely increase 5-15%. Once the order has been placed, it may take months to get in. Most contractors don’t mind you checking in for updates. It’s always nice to stay in communication during these unprecedented times.

Before: Cedar siding looked run down. After: English Wedgewood vinyl siding brightens up this home
Before: Cedar siding looked run down. After: English Wedgewood vinyl siding brightens up this home

Need Design Ideas?

If you are building new or remodeling your current house, it can be a daunting task to pick out the selections. The small samples can make it hard to envision the final product. While not exact, we have a few different programs we can offer as a service to you. If you are happy with our current stock of prints or houses we can use that to generate a rendering of your home. If you wish to see your exact home we can upload that.

See More here about our Hover Design Service with your own home.

2018 Qualified Remodeler HIP 200 National List

Mastic Silver Grey siding, Mastic Cedar Discovery handsplit shakes in silver grey, white trim and Morie black roof


Carlson Exteriors was included on a national list of 200 Home Improvement Pros for 2018. This list tracks construction companies that continually grow despite the slowing economy. Last year 41% of our business was new roofs for Bloomington and surrounding cities. 37% was replacement siding for Bloomington and surrounding cities.

Click here to read more. 


Customer Reviews vs Customer References

Customer testimonials and customer references seem like the same thing on the surface but they are very different and serve different purposes. They are equally important.

So what’s the difference?

Let’s start with the more familiar: Customer Reviews. You can find these on the contractor’s website, Facebook, and any Third Party website (like Google, BBB, Yelp, Home Advisor, etc.). When you start the hunt for the best roofer or perfect siding repair company, you should start by looking up reviews from previous customers. Click here to be taken to Carlson Exteriors’ page of testimonials.

Things to take note of to help you gauge the contractor’s professionalism:

  1. How recent are these reviews/ testimonials? How frequent do they occur? How many are there? You want to see a lot of recent and frequent reviews. Take in to consideration any off-seasons for exterior contractors; they will have less reviews during winter.
  2. Do they talk about their experience working with the sales person/ Project Manager? A sales person or a Project Manager will likely be your first and main contact to the company. They should not apply any sales pressures or gimmicks – only treating you respect. They should be easy to communicate with and happy to answer any questions you may have.
  3. Is Customer Service a common theme in reviews? For some reason, it’s easy to forget that contractors need to provide a high level of customer service. Remember you are paying them for their services.
  4. Are there repeat customers? The true testament to a contractor is if you can find evidence of returning customers. If a homeowner was truly satisfied with a contractor’s work, that contractor will be the first one that homeowner calls.
  5. How did the contractor handle mistakes? Even the best contractor is still human; they make mistakes. What separates the good contractors from the bad is how the mistakes are handled. Can you find evidence that problems were handled in a timely manner and to the customer’s satisfaction?



Now let’s talk about customer references! When you meet with your potential contractors ask them for a list of previous customers you can call. This way you can ask previous customers how the whole working experience was like.  Perhaps you are shy and are not interested in calling a handful of strangers. Ultimately, customer references are more meatier, more detailed than customer reviews. Look to see if your contractor has any Customer Spotlights on their website. Examples of that are:

Click here to Meet the Pound’s

Click here to Meet the Gualazzi’s

If you click those links you will find a before and after pictures, detailed descriptions of the job, and videos of interviews with the homeowners talking about their experience.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

nick-coyle-carlson-exteriors-project-managerProject Manager Nick Coyle has been in the roofing industry practically his whole life. He currently manages the roofing crews, meets with homeowners to provide estimates on roof replacements, roof repairs, and stop tricky roof leaks. I sat down with Nick to find out the most popular questions from homeowners but more importantly the questions homeowners should be asking before hiring a roofer.


Mastic Russet red vertical siding, white trim, natural clay shake siding, certainteed moire black shingles in canton il

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and insured?

Nick said this is almost every homeowner’s first question. Most roofers say yes but many homeowners fail to ask for proof. A quality roofer should proudly display this documentation and make it easy for a homeowner to verify. Nick leaves a copy of Carlson Exteriors Inc Roofing License and current insurance with the homeowners that he meets with.

Carlson Exteriors' License, Bond, and insurance

Do I have storm damage?

The best any roofer can do is to give his professional opinion. Nick takes photos when he is inspects roofs to bring down and explain what he sees to homeowners. Nick can provide his opinion whether the roof looks storm, wind, or hail damaged but ultimately the decision lies with your insurance company. When homeowners contact insurance about potential storm damage, they start a claim which has the potential to raise your rates. Nick advises homeowners to familiarize themselves with their current plan, know their deductible, and to see if it’s worth potentially having higher rates. Example- If it’s a small repair that barely exceeds a homeowner’s deductible; it might not be worth making a claim.

What’s the difference between synthetic felt and regular felt?

Synthetic felt has grown with popularity amongst roofing companies. It’s easier/safer for crews to walk on and it has a higher resistance to ripping in the wind. Regular 15lb or 30lb felt rips very easy in the hands, while synthetic felt is practically impossible to rip. Some shingle manufacturers require synthetic felt to qualify for warranties. Carlson Exteriors only uses synthetic felt. Click here to read more about synthetic felt.

Winterguard and Diamond deck photo

What’s the difference between the Landmark shingles and the Landmark Pro Shingle?

This question usually comes after Nick presents the estimate to homeowners. Landmark is the standard shingle and Landmark Pro is a slight upgrade. Both are manufactured by CertainTeed and both qualify for the Unconditional Roof Warranty. Aesthetically, Landmark Pros have a wider selection of color choices and the shingles are Max Def. Max Def means the lights are lighter and the darks are darker giving each shingle a higher contrast. Landmark Pros have a 15 year algae warranty to protect your roof from getting streaky. Nick advices homeowners with many mature trees to select the Landmark Pros because of the 15 year algae warranty. Landmark Pros can have a higher wind rating than the Landmarks; this is dependent upon your contractor. Landmarks and Landmark Pros both can meet the max wind rating of 130 mph if shingle starter is also applied up the roof rakes. Carlson Exteriors uses starter up the rakes to ensure max protection for every homeowner.

Ridge vent vs Box vents – Is one better than the other?

As long as the roof is adequately vented ridge vents and box vents are equal. Currently the trend is to go with ridge vents because it provides a cleaner look on the roof. Nick advises homeowners who are thinking about putting the house on the market to select ridge vent because of the current housing trend. When replacing the roof, there is no price difference between using box vents or ridge vents. Every roof Carlson Exteriors replaces, Nick does an inspection to make sure it has enough ventilation. If a home does not have much ridge line, Nick advises box vents.

Questions Homeowners Should Be Asking Roofers

Can you be more detailed about the products you are using, how you use them, and why you use them? 

Nick says many roofers only provide a price for roof replacement with minimal supporting information. Nick gives every homeowner a packet of information that includes:

  • Summary of roof replacement process/ what to expect
  • Roof selection guide
  • Warranty information
  • Letter from Carlson Exteriors Bank
  • Letter from Carlson Exteriors Supplier
  • Information sheet about synthetic felt
  • Information sheet about ridge vent
  • A copy of Carlson Exteriors Roofing license
  • A copy of Carlson Exteriors current insurance
  • Information sheet about protection from ice dams
  • A customer reference list with contact information (Upon request)

All of this falls into gauging a roofer’s professionalism. If a contractor just provides a homeowner with a slip of paper with the cost it’s essentially the same as someone expecting to sell a used vehicle on craigslist with no listed mileage, information on condition quality, and not allowing a test drive. Click here to read more about gauging contractor professionalism.

Upon comparing two estimates that are $500-1000 different, what am I getting or not getting?

So many homeowners think all roof quotes are created equal and the cheapest is best. Nothing could be furthest from the truth. The easiest way to find out why the cost difference is to call the more expensive roofer and see what they are providing  above and beyond the lower estimate. Usually it is because of a better warranty, higher quality products, not re-using certain products (drip edge, flashing, etc), better reputation, better customer service, or more stable company. More stable companies have an office and don’t work out of their house, they have office hours where customers can walk in. Stable companies pay their employees with checks and not cash.

Nick concluded our conversation by saying he wished homeowners did more research on roofers and the owners of the company. Information, good or bad, is so easily found online; it’s ashamed that many homeowners don’t utilize this resource. He recommended homeowners to read “How To Find a Contractor You Can’t Live Without” and “Why does a 30 year shingle not last for 30 years?” to better educate themselves on products and finding contractors.

If you are in need of a professional opinion of your roof, need a roof replacement, or have a roof leak and want Nick Coyle to inspect – Contact Carlson Exteriors.


Carlson Exteriors Named 2nd Roofer in State of Illinois

LP Smartside siding in Pewter with White trim and Black roof

CertainTeed names the Nations top 20 Roofers - Carlson Exteriors was 16th in the Nation and 2nd in State of Illinois
CertainTeed names the Nations top 20 Roofers – Carlson Exteriors was 16th in the Nation and 2nd in State of Illinois

In April, we happily received this letter stating that we were ranked the 16th roofer in the nation and the 2nd roofer in the State of Illinois in registering roof warranties. So many roofing companies out there promise warranties they cannot deliver. Carlson Exteriors is not one of those. For every roof we install, we register it in the homeowner’s name(s) with CertainTeed, a leading shingle manufacturer. We actually pay for this warranty but pass it on to our customers for free. Why? Because purchasing a roof with a solid warranties, no loop holes and no prorating, should be demanded from by homeowners.

Lets run through a hypothetical scenario:

Jan needs a new roof. Her neighbor Stan also needs a new roof. Both Jan and Stan call 3 roofers to compare estimates. Jan decides she wants to go with Carlson Exteriors because of the Sure Start Roof Warranty. Stan decided to go with Chuck in a Truck Roofing Company because they were the cheapest. Jan and Stan have similar roofs and are both getting CertainTeed Landmarks (shingle); Jan paid $10,000 and Stan paid $9,000. Jan gets the roof registered in her name with a certificate as proof. Stan gets the standard Limited Warranty on the shingles. In 11 years, both Jan and Stan realize that their shingles are curling on the edges like potato chips. The asphalt shingles are very brittle. The roof is failing not because of how the shingles were installed or because of any hailstorms; the shingles just malfunctioned. Roofers come out and say it will now cost $12,434 to replace the roof. Even though nothing has changed to the roof, inflation has raised the cost of the roof replacement. Jan’s annoyed but not worried because she has her 4-Star warranty. Stan is mad but knows he has some kind of warranty. Jan places a claim with CertainTeed, they issue her $12,434 to have the roof replaced. This includes the tear-off of the bad shingles, dumpster fees, permit fees, roofing labor, and new shingles. Jan is happy. Stan places a claim with CertainTeed, they explain that since he only has the Limited Warranty they cannot fully cover the roof replacement; they issue Stan $3,233. Stan is responsible for the other $9,201. Stan is mad that his “50 year shingle” only lasted him 11 years.

All of Carlson Exterior’s roof replacement customers are Jan. They get this 4-star Warranty register in their names. They don’t have to worry if their shingle will last 50 years, because if it doesn’t – CertainTeed will cover them.


Example Warranty Certificate of what every replacement roof customer of Carlson Exteriors receives

Behind the Scenes with CertainTeed

CertainTeed shingles in Moire Black in Normal il

This blog is part of a series. Search our site for “behind the scenes” to read other articles in the series.


CertainTeed is a nationwide known brand; and for good reason. They make great shingles and offer plenty of colors. But the reason Carlson Exteriors loves using CertainTeed is for the roofing warranty they provide to the homeowner.

This warranty is registered in homeowner’s names. The original is mailed to homeowners, a copy is mailed to Carlson Exteriors, and CertainTeed keeps a virtual copy. Unlike most warranties, CertainTeed’s has no loop holes and no fine print. To read more in detail about our Unconditional Roofs – Click here.

I was able to interview CertainTeed’s Territory Manager, Bob Eaton, to get his insider opinion.

I’ve worked for CertainTeed for 15 years now. I truly enjoy seeing my customers and I believe that will never change. I believe providing a true 50 years Peace of Mind Full replacement warranty for all homeowners is essential. I’m the point person for all claims and when a shingle does fail, I want to make sure the homeowners gets taken care of in all aspects. The only way to do that is to have the SureStart Plus Warranty on their home.

If you look at the chart below, the SureStart Plus warranty Bob is talking about, actually increases with inflation. The middle column is the usual warranty that most shingles come with. With the typical Limited Warranty, even in the first year the homeowner is still paying a decent chunk out of pocket. EVERY roof Carlson Exteriors installs, gets a SureStart Plus Warranty.


Example Warranty Certificate of what every replacement roof customer of Carlson Exteriors receives

Now back to Bob:

I can’t ever remember CertainTeed not doing the right thing for the consumer. CertainTeed has always supported me in the field and that is critical to my success and to homeowner’s happiness.

Carlson Exteriors is a great partner. I truly enjoy working with everyone. You’re extremely organized from top to bottom. From my stand point, you do it right the first time.

Click here to get a roof replacement quote

Click here to visit CertainTeed’s website