New Design Service

Have you ever thought about making changes to the exterior of your home, but not sure where to start? If it is difficult for you to envision what your house could look like, you may be interested in one of our new services called Hover.  The process is easy, pictures are taken of your home and you will end up with a complete 3D rendering.  After that, any combination of exterior products can be added to your house.  You will be able to see different colors and materials.  If you have wondered what your house could look like, take advantage of this service!  If you end up using Carlson Exteriors as your contractor, the design fee is credited to your invoice total!




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January Employee Of The Month


Johnney is this January’s Employee of the Month. Johnney helps out in so many aspects of the company! He mainly works on repairs but this past month he’s helped out on full siding crews, windows, and gutter jobs. He’s very versatile at his job and detailed oriented in all aspects.

Thanks Johnney!

Metal Roof Accents

Brown Metal Accent Porch roof in Peoria, IL


Metal roof accents are perfect for the homeowner who loves the look of metal roofs but don’t have the budget for large scale roofs. Currently, roofing the front porches or entryways with a metal roof is a popular trend. It also satisfies aesthetic while keeping within the budget.

Carlson Exteriors offers 2 different styles in metal roofs – both are manufactured by Metal Sales.

Classic Rib

Classic rib is very similar to metal roofs commonly seen on barns. The ribs are consistent, without any defining ribs between roof panels

Classic Rib Panel for metal roof
Classic Rib Panel for metal roof

Image II

Image II has  a few different variations within this style. The standout feature it the defining ribs on the edge of each panel. The middle section of the panels are smoother than the Classic rib.


Updating Your Home on a Budget

Moulding is an easy accessory to add to any home - especially brick.


Boosting curb appeal for your home can seem daunting when you start to add up all the numbers. There are many ways to update your home’s exterior with out busting the wallet. Start taking the steps to getting your home to look exactly the way you want it!

Add Gable Accents


Gable accents are a quick way to make your house look like it’s worth more than what you paid for! You have a couple of options when it comes to accessorizing the gables. Options include Fypon brackets, custom metal work, or a cedar accent. You can keep the accents minimal or as decorative as you want (or as the budget dictates). The Fypon brackets have an endless array of styles, so you should be able to find the look you want easily. Custom metal work and cedar accents are similar in styles but can have very different looks. Custom metal work can be made out of any color and is limited to what your contractor can provide for you- very popular in a sunburst with varying “rays”. Cedar accents are also limited to what contractor can provide but gives a more natural, rustic look to your home. Cedar accents will require maintenance every couple of years.

Add Dentil Molding or Decorative Trim

Moulding is an easy accessory to add to any home - especially brick.
Moulding is an easy accessory to add to any home – especially brick.

Trim work is a quick way to spruce up your home – especially if your home is brick. The image right above is of an all brick home that had dentil moulding added to the front porch, decorative column caps, and added window trim above the lower windows. It’s amazing at how such little details can really turn a home around. The images below are of a brick home that added trim pieces right below the roof line and above the bottom row of window.


Remodel only the front side or entrance


No one said you have to remodel the whole outside of your home at the same time! Usually the decorative products go on the front of the home. By “decorative” I mean shake products, board and batten, shutters, decorative trim, wider window casings, etc. The home in the above photos, the homeowner was tired of the stucco look from the dryvit and wanted a trendier look with greater contrast. Mission Accomplished!

Add a Fiberglass column

Porch columns are easily glossed over; however, if you make them worth looking at people will admire them. Instead of a small vinyl wrapped column try a fiberglass column.

Fiberglass column

Replace your garage door

Garage doors can take up to 30% of the space on the front of your home. It’s typically the main entrance for many homeowners. Yet – the garage doors are the first things to take budget cuts or delay in updating unless it’s stop functioning. However, it’s worth considering replacing the garage doors to make your home look modern, trendier, or just make you (the homeowner) happier when you see your home. Often times, the opener doesn’t need replaced which can help keep you under budget.



Window Replacement

Carlson Exteriors has been busy installing windows this summer! Check out the photos of the residential bay window replacement, large commercial window replacements, and our residential gable window replacements. No window replacement is too large or too small for us!

Residential Bay Window Replacement
Commercial Window Replacement
Residential Gable Window Replacement