A Look Into Our Work Week

Midnight blue siding and shakes, white trim, white garage door in stamped carriage style

Mitchell has replaced a few dented garage door panels and installed 3 garage doors this week.

blown off shingle and damaged shingle and damaged drip edge replacement

Jayden has been helping Dave out with some larger projects but in-between he has performed some roof repairs – blown off shingle install, damaged shingle and drip edge replacement.

Low slope roof line installed properly against the siding wall

Dave has been working on some larger projects this week. This home in particular had a section of architectural shingles that should have been low slope rolled roofing. This was causing leaks inside the home. Dave and Jayden corrected this.

Rotted fascia board repair with new fascia, soffit, and gutter repair
Rotted fascia board repair with new fascia, soffit, and gutter repair

Ricky worked a little bit this week before he left on vacation. This home had a rotted fascia board that was causing the gutter and soffit to fall down. Ricky replaced the rotted wood, installed new fascia, re-installed soffit, and hung new gutters and downspouts.

Johnney has been working on a lot of storm damage repairs to siding and fascia. He has also been fixing window leaks and siding leaks from improper waterproofing.

low slope roof installed properly
low slope roof installed properly

Josh also worked on a low slope roof that had architectural shingles where it should have had rolled roofing installed. He removed the shingles and installed the Flintlastic Low Slope roofing material; then properly tied it in tot he main roof. If you are unsure if your roof line should have rubber or Flintlastic – click here for more information.

custom home siding installs
custom home siding installs

Bryant wrapped up a New home just in time for it’s deadline. He started a new custom home with a lot of fabulous details.

Joe has been working on updating the look of this home with new cedar trim in Linen color.

Nathan and his crew have started a hotel siding replacement. After tearing off all the old siding, they realized a lot of the sheeting underneath was rotting. They replaced all rotted wood and house wrapped it to keep it water tight – no more leaks! This hotel will get LP Smartside installed over the next few weeks.

How to Make Color Selections

Subdivisions are a great place to get color selections.

Making color selections can be very difficult and stressful for first time home builders; but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few easy steps to get you started in knowing what you want, but just as important, what you don’t want.

Subdivisions are a great place to get color selections.
Subdivisions are a great place to get color selections.

Drive Around Local Subdivisions

Your local neighborhoods are great resources to find combinations that you like. We usually suggest newer neighborhoods because are more likely to be up to date on all product styles and color offerings. Take photos and record address of homes that strike your fancy. These are great to share with your contractor.

Look at Pinterest or Instagram

These two platforms are chalk full of photos. You will definitely find a wide array of styles, colors, and combinations. This is perfect to do when you have a few extra minutes or want to look late or night. The one downside to looking on Pinterest or Instagram is that not all products you see are guaranteed to be provided in your area or by your contractor.

Custom color LP SMartside in dark grey siding
Custom LP Smartside in dark grey

Browse Your Contractor’s Portfolio

Your contractor should have tons of photos readily available to you on their website. We love asking clients to start here because we know exactly what products/colors are installed on each home.

Ironstone grey siding with white trim, black roof, and faux wood garage doors in normal il
Ironstone grey siding with white trim, black roof, and faux wood garage doors in normal il

Meet With Your Contractor

Often times customers want to know what’s available in their budget or get a little reassurance from a professional. Meeting with your contractor lays a great foundation. They can even go through their online photos with you to help you visualize.

2017 Home Tranformations

2017 was the year of some monumental home transformations. Let’s re-cap a couple show stoppers!

A lucky home in Bloomington, IL went from real wood shakes on the roof to a maintenance- free synthetic wood shaker shingle. Along with the faux wood roof, they added in real copper flashings and window pans.

Before after bloomingotn il wood shake roof install.jpg


Next transformation goes to a county ranch. The homeowners wanted to freshen up the look by replacing real cedar siding with English Wedgewood Blue vinyl siding.



This lovely colonial style home wanted to be the talk of the street by going from a neutral color siding to a striking dark grey siding with contrasting white trim. They also traded the shutters for wider window casings; modernizing it slightly.

The new siding is a wrought iron dark grey with white trim
The new siding is a wrought iron dark grey with white trim

Celect side before and after
The new siding is a wrought iron dark grey with white trim

The last feature home from 2017 enriched their home by exchanging the discolored tan siding for a darker brown. The also traded in their shutters for window casings. The half moon windows on the side of the home were covered up.


Royal Celect chestnut 7" with willow trim in bloomingotn il.jpg

2016 Home Transformations

House with grey siding and white trim

Carlson Exteriors has had the opportunity to transform many homes this past year. Below are just a few of the homes we were lucky enough to get before pictures of!


This house had a plain white exterior- the homeowners were looking to give it a snazzy update with more contrast and decorative gable accent.


The Normal, IL homeowner had big ideas for this covered porch. Carlson Exteriors were able to make that dream a reality.


These Bloomingotn IL homeowners were tired of the up-keep that came with their natural cedar siding. They loved the look and were able to find a maintenance-free vinyl that had a very similar appearance to real cedar! Want to see more about this project? Click Here!!!



This homeowner in Peoria IL, had been fascinated by James Hardie Fiber Cement and wanted to add that product to his home.


This Bloomingotn, IL homeowner had been talking with us for a long time about replacing his cedar siding with James Hardie Fiber cement for a very long time! See more about his project by clicking here.

Window Replacement

Carlson Exteriors has been busy installing windows this summer! Check out the photos of the residential bay window replacement, large commercial window replacements, and our residential gable window replacements. No window replacement is too large or too small for us!

Residential Bay Window Replacement

Commercial Window Replacement

Residential Gable Window Replacement