Before working with Carlson Exteriors, we had many concerns as people we worked with and friends who had roof issues would tell us the nightmares they had.  We were extremely nervous about replacing our roof and nervous by all the “horror” stories we had heard. We were very surprised with every aspect during the process (pleasantly!)  Carlson service was EXCELLENT!  We appreciated everything in the process:  the office staff was extremely friendly and responsive, Nick – returned our phone calls very quickly, timely, and really took the time to explain everything and answer all our questions without us feeling rushed or like we were wasting his time, stood by his roofing bid which was very close to the estimate we received from our insurance company, the roofing team that came out was also EXCELLENT!  The guy in charge was awesome to work with, friendly, explaining the process, answering our questions, working hard to get our roof safe for the predicted rain that night, as well as making sure everything was picked up and cleaned up.  He was correct in saying it would look like they were never here!  They worked long and hard and even in the dark to make sure our house was protected before they left the first day and they even had to drive back to Bloomington where they were from! Also, really appreciated the folder that Nick left for us in our front door when he first came out to bid our roofing job – of the 3 companies that came to bid, Carlson was the only one that left literature, samples, and a wonderful folder of information!  It even had items in it I hadn’t even thought to ask about – like their license copy, liability insurance, bank recommendation, and summary sheet of the next steps. We cannot say enough about the importance of calling us back (immediately it seemed), the folder with samples and information and Nick who took the time to talk to not just 1 of us but BOTH of us and explain everything and help us in choosing the color, and style of shingles!  We also appreciated that there were no “surprise” costs, or “oops” issues.  We were given the estimate and it was pretty much the same as our insurance company’s estimate and it was agreed to and stuck to!  We were extremely happy with our experience with Carlson roofing! We have already recommended Carlson and will definitely recommend your company with out a doubt!

Thank you for making our experience so pleasant! 
December 2, 2019

Lisa buck – Roof Replacement in Peoria, IL

The guys who came out (three) were all very friendly & seemed to get the job done efficiently. I trust Carlson because of interaction with office, estimator, workers & professionalism – online image/website looked good too.

December 1, 2019

Melissa Beaver – Soffit and Fascia Repair in Normal

I had the usual reservations about working with a company for the first time. I was pleased with the quick response time and flexibility to work around rain storms. The worker was friendly and the job took the amount of time that i was expecting. He also walked the roof and did a quick seal on some ‘nail pops’.

November 25, 2019

Melanie Groene – Small Exterior Repair in Bloomington

I just want to thank you and Jason for sending someone out so quickly to do the shingle repair. I really appreciate it!

November 26, 2019

Mark Ulbrich – Roof Repair in Towanda, IL

I’ve had a house roofed before and the clean-up was terrible.  I was picking nails up for months.  This far, Carlson was excellent in making sure everything was picked up. I think the fact that I came home the same day the project was started and the only evidence Carlson was here was the dumpster.   Everything was very clean. The job was done quickly in one day without issue and mess.

November 7, 2019

Neil E – Roof Replacement in Normal IL

The quote was actually lower than I was expecting. That was a pleasant surprise! The work was done quickly with little to no hassle on my end. The work site was cleaned up and better than workers found it. Fast, professional service. Very satisfied!

November 8, 2019

Jonathon D – Roof Replacement in Normal, IL

No surprises.  I expected high quality and efficient workers and workmanship, and it appears that is exactly what we received.  We also appreciated the prompt and helpful responses from the office staff and project coordinator, particularly as our work spanned several work crews/specialties. We were promised the garage door would go in a week or so prior to when it was actually installed.  We were alerted a working day or two ahead of time that the door had been ordered, but had not come in yet to be in time for the initial scheduled appointment. So we rescheduled.  Not sure anyone can anticipate this kind of thing, but it was handled very reasonably. Yes, I have been very satisfied to date with Carlson’s employees, work, service, and communications. Josh Stone was particularly skilled and helpful with his work on the gutter crew at our home.

Robert T – Repairs in Bloomington, IL

My initial concern was finding someone to do the necessary repairs that would call me back and not leave me hanging. I’ve been pleased with the communication provided by yourself and Caleb as this goes forward. The most important things on my list have been addresses before winter and I’m grateful for that. These were not real big jobs but important ones and you took care of them just as if it were a big job. People appreciate that! I was pleased (and a little surprised) that we established a date and time for the repairs and the occurred exactly when you said they would. I realize sometimes you have to work around emergencies and the weather but I appreciated your keeping to the schedule. I can’t really think of anything that could be done better. The important issues were prioritized and done before winter. I would definitely recommend Carlson Exteriors to anyone who asks me. You did what you were supposed to do and that’s sometimes hard to find these days. We will be using you again.

November 9, 2019

Dave Rapp – Repairs in Bloomington, IL

I didn’t have any concerns.  I had researched and found that many customers had reported that Carlson’s does a great job.  The communication surprised me.  Every step of the way, I knew everything that was going to happen and when it would happen.  There were a couple of delays, but I was told immediately and the delay was only a day.  Things happen, like the weather, that are outside of your control.  I appreciated being notified of the change. I honestly can’t think of anything.  From the initial meeting with Nick, to the communications with the office, and the work the guys did, it was perfect.  I was treated with respect all along the way. I would definitely recommend Carlson Exteriors.  As I stated above, every interaction with anyone at Carlson Exteriors was a positive experience.  I was very satisfied with the whole process.  Next year when I’m ready to replace my windows, I will be calling Carlson Exteriors. Your customer service is incredible from the people in the office to those who come and do the work.

November 11, 2019

Lisa Kramer – Roof Replacement in Bloomington, IL

I was concerned about the crew not picking up garbage, etc. We’ve had issues with that from other contractors. But Brian and his crew were meticulous in cleaning up after themselves and I appreciate that. Brian took care in removing the inside trim for the window install and was able to put it back with minimal damage to wall. He also put up temporary walls in each work area to minimize dust, etc traveling throughout the house. I feel the crew treated our home as if it were their own. The crew did a great job and the pricing for the work was reasonable.

October 28, 2019

Marcie Schaffer – Window Removal in Bloomington, IL