Quiet Willow

Quiet Willow is a premium shade of green siding created by Mastic. If you like green siding but are interested in a lighter shade, look at Scottish Thistle light green siding. If you want something deeper, Misty Shadow, can look like a dark green siding depending on what it’s paired with.

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  1. What is the preferred trim color with quiet willow siding? I have chosen cameo (cream) but am considering linen or cameo. Thoughts?

    • Hi! The preferred color is based off the look each homeowner is hoping to achieve. If you want a starker contrast, linen is more popular. If you want a softer overall look, cameo will be the preferred color. Now you have to ask yourself, which do you prefer: the contrast or the softer look?

  2. I am looking for a siding that would look best with sandstone windows and trim. It appears that maybe quiet willow would work. What would you suggest?

  3. I’m trying to get my hands on Mastic / Ply-Gem surface mount blocks in Quiet Willow color. Finding these for sale has been impossible. Can your company help?

  4. Hi I like the quiet willow siding. What color shakes would you recommend to compliment quiet willow? Red Cedar and Mahogany kind of pop to me.

    • Hi Denise – We’ve have installed Quiet Willow with many different colored shakes in natural hues. Honestly, they all look pretty good. We always tell our customer to trust their gut and I think you can’t go wrong with either the Red Cedar or Mahogany.

  5. I’d like to go with a quiet willow siding and possibly sandstone or almond trim. I’m leaning towards a gray roof, but I’m having trouble deciding what to go with. I really like the look of the first house in the images above. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi Christy,

      I’m going to email you some renderings of Quiet Willow with almond trim in both a Pewter roof and a Weatheredwood roof. We have not put on a gray roof with Quiet Willow siding, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad combination. The first house on the above images has a Weathered wood roof.

      The email will be coming from Lora or Kristin. Let me know it you don’t get it within the house. We will be sending to the email associated with your account you posted from. Let me know if you want it sent elsewhere.


  6. Hi there. I’m wondering if Quiet Willow would work with a desert tan roof. Right now my base color is similar to Sandtone but I’d like to move away from a yellowish base.


    • Hi Todd, Thank you for your question. I’m unfamiliar with what a Desert Tan roof looks like as it’s not offered in the CertainTeed Shingle line. But I can say that Quiet Willow look great with Mastic’s Desert Tan soffit and fascia. You can always ask your contractor or your supplier for a larger sample of both and hold them next to each other. Good luck!

  7. Hello! I have quiet willow siding and am looking for a paint color for my shed to match. What’s your recommendation? Thank you!

    • Hi Samantha,

      If you want a perfect match head to your local Sherwin Williams. Tell them you would like a match for PlyGem or Mastic’s Quiet Willow. They have all color files for paint.

      • We are attempting this currently and Sherwin Williams doesn’t seem to be much help. Is there another way to get this siding color in paint form?

  8. Looking yo purchase quiet willow. Contractor ran out and cannot find it to buy. Located in northeast michigan. Need just a small amount for behind a garage

  9. What shingle color works best with quiet willow siding? We will be using Owens Corning Duration shingles. Our trim and garage door is a tanish color.

    • Hi Kimberly,
      It all comes to personal taste and what you prefer best. We most frequently install Quiet Willow siding and Pebblestone Clay Trim (tanish color) with CertainTeed Landmark Weathered Wood shingle. I’m sure Owen’s corning has a color similar. Check with your contractor on the color match – they should be able to find a close match in their line for you.

  10. Will brown shutters work with quiet willow siding. We have a brownish warm colored roof with a copper metal porch roof. Will this all work together

  11. I love the quiet willow and wondered if you could send me photos of quiet willow with linen trim vs cameo trim. I can’t decide Thank you.

  12. How would I get one piece of 6 to 8 ft j channel for the quiet willow? I am installing a doggie door in my home and would like it to match.

  13. Our garage door, window & door trims are almond. Due to a hail storm, we just put up Pebblestone clay gutters hoping to have quiet willow siding. I still have time to change my mind for the siding, Now I don’t think the quiet willow will blend nicely with the almond and pebblestone clay. Do we change to pebblestone clay siding and do a 2 tone combination or is there another color siding we should consider?
    Thank you-Janet

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