Dave Rapp – Repairs in Bloomington, IL

My initial concern was finding someone to do the necessary repairs that would call me back and not leave me hanging. I’ve been pleased with the communication provided by yourself and Caleb as this goes forward. The most important things on my list have been addresses before winter and I’m grateful for that. These were not real big jobs but important ones and you took care of them just as if it were a big job. People appreciate that! I was pleased (and a little surprised) that we established a date and time for the repairs and the occurred exactly when you said they would. I realize sometimes you have to work around emergencies and the weather but I appreciated your keeping to the schedule. I can’t really think of anything that could be done better. The important issues were prioritized and done before winter. I would definitely recommend Carlson Exteriors to anyone who asks me. You did what you were supposed to do and that’s sometimes hard to find these days. We will be using you again.

November 9, 2019