Modern Farmhouse Looks

Modern Farmhouse isn’t just for Black and White

The Modern Farmhouse look is here to stay! It’s one of our most requested looks when clients come in to design or plan their home. While the traditional white and black modern farmhouse look is still the number one look, we are seeing more and more colors.

Black and White Modern Farmhouse

It’s hard to beat the classic look of a white and black modern farmhouse. It’s timeless.

Blue Modern Farmhouse

Some clients love to follow the modern farmhouse aesthetic to a tee while others use it a loose inspiration for textures or to add horizontal bands to break up gables. We love it when clients express their unique perspective with their homes.

Green Modern Farmhouse

We love the modern farmhouse in green paired with so many trim color options. Black, bronze, white, and cream all serve up stunning looks.

Red Modern Farmhouse

Red is bold yet impressive choice for the client wanting to make a stand-out statement.

Light Grey Modern Farmhouse

A light grey siding makes a fabulous modern farmhouse look. We love it paired with either a black roof or a grey asphalt shingles for the main roof portion. Of course a metal roof accent always gives it that extra appeal so frequently found within the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Dark Grey Modern Farmhouse

Using a dark grey siding (such as the Ironstone color) is bolder version of the traditional white and black modern farmhouse style. It’s basically a flip where the an almost black siding is used as the primary color while a white is used as an accent. To push this look over the edge, use natural textures such a wood or stone for accents. To make this look more playful, decorate with saturated colors for your entry door, porch furniture or flower pots.

Dark Brown Modern Farmhouse

Dark Brown siding, like Montana Suede, makes modern farmhouse a but more sultry.

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