Dave Bowling – Roof Repair Bloomington IL

I had no concerns prior to beginning the work.   I first called my State Farm Insurance Agent to see if they had any recommended roofing contractors.  I was told that although State Farm has a formal list of Body Shop and Glass repair folks, they do not on home repairs.  However, they do keep a local list of roofing folks that they have worked with in the past and that their policy holders had provided good feedback.  I had also checked the internet and found that Carson had the best comments to satisfaction and would recommend to friends and family. I was surprised at how quickly our problem was resolved.  In my mind, based on the current weather conditions, I assumed that I would be looking at a couple of weeks before the work might be scheduled.  I have always been weary of Internet reviews for any particular company as some may be “fake”.  Not so in the case of Carlson. I am pleased that all of the comments about the great service and satisfied customers shown on the Internet reviews are true.  Carlson did a great job for me! As you know, I only had a small roof repair completed.  The total process from my initial phone call, the estimation visit and repair was only a short 3 days.  I don’t know how you could improve on this.  It was great! Based on my initial experience with Carlson, I would HIGHLY recommend  you company to my friends, family, or anyone needing quality work done on their home.   Once my budget is set, I plan to have Carlson return in August 2020 to replace the roof on my home. Everyone that I have interacted with during the repair process for my home have been friendly, professional and dedicated to quality service and customer satisfaction.

May 8, 2019