Steps to Take After Your Illinois Home Sustains Storm Damage

A hail damaged roof looks like pock-marked shingles
A hail damaged roof looks like pock-marked shingles

Living in Illinois means being exposed to the occasional severe weather, including storms that can cause significant damage to your home. When disaster strikes, it’s crucial to know what steps to take to ensure your safety, protect your property, and initiate the recovery process. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the essential actions to take after your Illinois home has sustained storm damage.

Hail damaged siding can be a small chip or entire walls riddles with holes or broken siding panels
Hail damaged siding can be a small chip or entire walls riddles with holes or broken siding panels

Ensure Safety: The first and foremost concern after a storm is your safety and the safety of your family members. Assess the immediate surroundings for any potential hazards such as fallen power lines, gas leaks, or structural instability. If you suspect any danger, evacuate the premises immediately and contact the relevant authorities.

Document the Damage: Once it is safe to do so, take photos and videos of the storm damage inside and outside your home. These visual records will be invaluable for insurance claims and serve as evidence for the extent of the destruction. Make a detailed inventory of damaged items, including their approximate value, to facilitate the claims process.

Contact Your Insurance Provider: Notify your homeowner’s insurance company as soon as possible to report the storm damage and initiate the claims process. Provide them with the necessary documentation and follow their instructions on what information they require to assess the situation. Take note of your claim number and keep a record of all communication with the insurance company.

Mitigate Further Damage: Take immediate steps to prevent any further damage to your property. This could involve placing tarps over exposed roofs, boarding up broken windows, or covering damaged areas to prevent water intrusion. However, avoid making any permanent repairs until the insurance adjuster has assessed the damage.

Obtain Professional Inspections: Engage the services of qualified professionals, such as licensed contractors, home inspectors, or your insurance agent, to assess the damage and determine the extent of repairs needed. Their expertise will help you understand the full scope of the restoration process and provide accurate estimates for repairs.

Keep Detailed Records: Maintain a thorough record of all repair-related expenses, including invoices, receipts, and any other relevant documents. These records will assist you in the insurance claim process and potentially be eligible for reimbursement.

Temporary Living Arrangements: If your home is rendered uninhabitable due to storm damage, consider alternative living arrangements. Contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage for temporary accommodation or assistance programs available in your area.

Get Multiple Quotes: Obtain multiple repair quotes from reputable contractors to compare prices, services offered, and projected timelines. Ensure that the contractors you select are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. Verify references and reviews to make an informed decision.

Example of a Professional Estimate
Example of a Professional Estimate

Stay Organized and Patient: Dealing with storm damage and the subsequent restoration process can be stressful and time-consuming. Stay organized by keeping all paperwork, receipts, and communication in a secure place. Remember to remain patient, as the restoration process may take time, especially if it involves significant repairs.

Recovering from storm damage can be a challenging experience, but by following these essential steps, you can navigate the process more effectively. Prioritize safety, document the damage, communicate with your insurance provider, and enlist professional assistance. With patience, organization, and the right support, you can restore your Illinois home to its former glory.

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