Home Exterior Spring Check List

Gable accents can be custom built out of cedar. They can be offset or be flush with your siding

As the weather starts to turn friendly for outside activities; think about running through this quick check list for your home. Spring is the optimal time to address any problems or hire any contractors.

1. Inspect your roof

Even if you didn’t have any big hail storms or winter storms, it’s not a good habit to have your roof inspected once a year. If you decide to look at your roof yourself, inspect the area where your pipes meet the roofline. Look for any hair line cracks that might potentially cause a leak. Look at your shingles to see if the are starting to curl, have excessive granule loss, or are cracking. If getting on your own roof is not your cup of tea, most local roofing companies offer free, no gimmick inspections. If they ask you to sign a paper before they get on roof, be sure to read the fine print. Some companies use that paperwork as a contract locking them to be you contractor if any roof repairs or roof replacements are needed. This is bad business practices and you should find a different roofer to inspect your roof.

2. Clean Your Gutters

Most homeowners clean their gutters out in the fall but it’s good practice to give them a quick clean out in the spring too. This ensures they are in tip top shape for the Spring rains. if you did have any winter storms, twigs or other debris may have found its way into your gutter system. Ensure that your downspout extensions are still intact and will properly drain water away from your home.

3. Inspect Windows and Doors

Inspect your window screens and door screens. Repair or replace the window screens as needed so when you are ready to open up your home you do not have to worry about bugs getting inside. Do a quick vacuum and or wash of the seals. If your feeling extra ambitious give your windows a good wash.

Scottish thistle green siding and shakes with cameo trim
Scottish thistle green siding and shakes with cameo trim

4. Service Your Garage Door

Many homeowners neglect maintenance to their garage door. A quick spray of WD-40 or other lubricant on the wheels and tracks will help the door operate smoothly and quietly. Inspect the bottom astragal and weatherstripping around the door.

5. Check On Exterior Caulking

After 3-5 years, caulking can shrivel or crack leaving your home slightly vulnerable to water. If you have a cedar siding home, fiber cement sided home, or any type of hard board siding, yearly checking of your exterior caulking is a must-do. Most manufactures require this upkeep to maintain any siding warranties they offer on their siding. Walk around your home and look around windows, entry doors, or any other siding penetration. If you find caulking that might need touched up, it’s best practice to remove the older caulk and apply new.

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