National Home Improvement Month

May is National Home Improvement Month. As you look around your home for roof repairs, siding replacements or a new garage door, here is a brief rundown on what your priorities should be.

Identify Functional Needs

It’s worth putting money towards functional needs over any aesthetic changes. If you have been living with any small leaks, consider getting those fixed sooner rather than later. Rotted wood can be hiding underneath a leaking window or leaking door. The photos below are from a window replacement where older windows had a small leak for years. Over time the small leak caused a decent amount of hidden rotted wood.

Minimize Maintenance

As a homeowner, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the list of things you need to maintain yearly on your home. For exteriors that likely includes, cleaning your gutters, power washing your siding, check all caulking, wash/inspect windows, etc. It is worth evaluating products or services to minimize your (the homeowners) involvement. If you hate cleaning gutters and feel like it’s a waste of time, get pricing for leaf procreation. If you don’t know what you are looking for when you inspect your roofing, siding, windows, or gutters- hire a contractor to come inspect and provide an estimate for any minor repairs you might need. If birds love to nest in your siding vents, get a bird guard that matches the color of your siding.

Improve Curb Appeal

If you have no functional needs and are happy with your involvement level in home maintenance, its time to talk curb appeal! This is where you add your style and personality with colors and textures. A few easy ways to update are to add Gable accents, bright colors, or a new garage door. Gable accents can be some decorative trim boards or a real cedar accent. You can add bright colors by new shutters or painting your entry door. Many people don’t realize that a garage door can make up almost 30% of your home’s front. It is your main entrance to your home (if you have a connected garage). Updating the garage door even though “it still works” may be well worth the money!

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