A Look Into Our Work Week

cedar garage door in raised panel with madison windows
finished a complete reside of a house and started replacing trim on a new house
finished a complete reside of a house and started replacing trim on a new house

Joe and his crew completed installing new siding on a home. They used Sandstone (tan siding) with Royal brown soffit and fascia. Since they completed that they started updating the look of a home by replacing the trim boards with new. Joe has been working very closely with the homeowner to achieve the look she has been dreaming about.


Jamel has stepped into the gutter lead role while Brad is helping Mitchell install garage doors. Jamel has been excelling at installing gutters on new construction homes, replacing existing gutters for homeowners, and making small gutter repairs.

Mitchell and Bard have installed 9 garage doors in 3 days. The variety of the doors this week has been really fun to see. They have installed garage doors with a cedar look but maintenance free, timeless raised panel garage doors, and lovely stamped carriage garage doors.

Johnney has been busy with a lot of window and door leaks this week so far. Many of the windows had tyvek installed incorrectly and were not properly sealed. He has to remove the windows, replace any and all rotted wood, add tyvek, install the window, tape it properly, and re-install siding. Johnney and Ricky have been working together a decent amount this week.

Many siding repairs and fixed leaks around sliding glass door
Many siding repairs and fixed leaks around sliding glass door

Ricky has fixed siding that has come loose from the higher winds and replaced siding that blew off completely. He has fixed leaks on sliding glass doors and windows. These leaks were all caused by the doors and windows not being properly installed originally. All windows and doors were re-used so homeowner didn’t not have to buy new windows or doors.

Dave performed a cedar roof repair this week. Jayden helped Dave replace a big valley on a roof that was leaking from ice dams. The shingles were removed, an ice ands water barrier was added, and then new shingles were added and worked into the older shingles.

On top of all the small shingle repairs, Jayden has removed a satellite tv dish from a roof and replaced the shingles with new. Jayden also installed 2 new chimney caps. Way to go!

One day this week, Josh replaced all the plastic vents on this home with new aluminum ones. Aluminum vents are more durable than plastic roof vents. The new vents matched the color better than the sun faded plastic ones. On top of this, Josh has performed many smaller roof repairs this week.

Nathan and his crew have been working hard to meet a deadline set on this new build home. It’s hard not to fall in love with the look of this home. Selections are: Driftwood Roof, Harbor grey shakes, Harbor grey siding in a 5″ reveal (wider than the standard width for siding), and white fascia and soffit.

Bryant has been helping Nathan and his crew meet their deadline. He has also managed to squeeze in some siding repairs and help other new homes complete their punch list items so the homeowner can close on their home.

John J has been busy making sure all new builds are water tight and leak free.

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