Exteria Handsplit Shake

This past week, I was able to connect with Exteria Building Products’ Sr. VP of Sales, Frank McCormack. Exteria is the manufacturer for Carlson Exterior’s preferred vinyl shake products. We’ve chosen Exteria’s shakes for the products ability to look like natural wood shakes without the maintenance or cost of wood; this makes Exteria’s shake the perfect and affordable option to homeowners that want the look of wood shakes without all the negative attributes.

Frank McCormack Sr. VP of Sales Exteria
Frank McCormack
Sr. VP of Sales

I asked Frank to give me a brief history of Exteria’s company, what he thinks sets Exteria’s products above the rest, and why he chose to work for Exteria:

Exteria Building Products is one of the leading Manufactures of exterior cedar and masonry polypropylene siding materials in North America. Exteria entered the exterior cladding market in 2009 with the acquisition of the pioneer of polypropylene siding material, Nailite International. Since the acquisition, Exteria has made a commitment to continue the tradition of producing and introducing products that focus on realism, authentically replicating their natural counterparts. One of the key differentiators between Exteria and many of its competitors is a proprietary coating process that lends itself perfectly to the aforementioned commitment to realism.


What attracted me most to Exteria was their unbending commitment to offer quality products, a focus on authentic replication and a burning desire to lead the industry in Customer Satisfaction. Also, Exteria recognizes that  in addition to the end user or their products, the professional siding contractor is a key constituent and contributor to the overall success to the business. Whether it is one of the many Cedar Shake or Masonry profiles, Exteria has you covered for your cladding needs”

 Exteria Shake and Corners    Exteria Shake

If you are interested in seeing or know more about Exteria Building Products shakes, please visit Exteria’s website.

If you’d like us to give you a quote on installing their products on your home, please contact us through our website.

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