Sara Blessent – Sun Tunnel Install in Bloomington IL

Before the work started, our main concern was that someone would be cutting a hole in the roof of our new house.  We realize that is needed to install a sun tube, it’s just a little unnerving when someone starts sawing a hole through the roof of the house. Plus a little bit of uncertainty as to what size of sun tube to get, and whether it would be the solution we were looking for.  But we knew we wouldn’t know the answers to those questions until the work was done. There were no major surprises during the work. We originally thought that the outside piece would sit closer to the peak on our roof, however Drew explained that the peak of our cathedral ceiling indoors did not line up with the peak on the exterior of the roof. We appreciated his explanation of where things were situated once he was able to get into the attic and take a look at everything. Drew did a great job.  We appreciated the care he took in doing the work, along with his explanation of what he was doing. We would definitely recommend Carlson Exteriors to others.

November 10, 2018