Nancy Annegers – Roof Repair in Normal IL

Before I started to work with you, I was concerned that I might be “taken for a ride”, price and service wise. I needed work done after a storm, the perfect time for scammers to take advantage. I was quite direct when I called for an estimate; the person I talked with was extremely knowledgable, assuring me that the service would be rendered and not billed until I was satisfied. This call occurred the day before another major storm was expected and I was concerned that there would be a “slap dash” effort rather than thorough work. Plus, it was cold and blowing- not the perfect time to be on a roof! I was surprised to get a call quickly and a clear explanation of required work was given. This was followed by a written quote. I ok’d the work at that time. He had another job to do before mine but said he would come back after that. It was after dark when I got home from work. I went out in the yard to see if there was evidence of work done. There was not a single nail, or shingle scrap or any other evidence of work done….until I shined the flashlight on the roof. EVERYTHING was fixed! Service exceeded my expectations. The last time I had roof work done, I was picking up nails and scraps for months. Kudos to prompt service, going above and beyond, and maintaing a clean work space. Good job Carlson!

April 9, 2016