Mike Kortkamp – Leak Repair in Bloomington IL

I was very pleased the crew arrived on time. Actually they were about 10 min early! John came inside my home and I first showed him the ceiling stain. I was glad he took the time to see the stain before doing the repair. It did surprise me that they said the leak was not coming from the roof- but actually the foam behind the siding. I will be getting a bid from Carlson on my roof replacement when the time comes– hopefully not for a few years though :). I’m very happy Carlson did my repair. I was also pleased with Chris Gentes initial visit with me. I guess I was expecting him to say I’d need my roof replaced asap. Instead he had me look from my driveway and look at what he looks for. This honesty goes a long way with me. I was relieved to opt for the repair and will plan on watching for the signs he suggested the next few years

September 15, 2015