Jim Rogers – Siding Replacement in Normal IL

My concerns about hiring you was basically I didn’t know much about siding. Your company has a national name and I was concerned about the quality of your work. I did some research about what encompasses a good siding job and then looked at some of the houses you sided. Then I looked at a not so good job like my neighbor got from hiring a fly by night company. I also talked to some contractors that were familiar with your work. I also liked the fact that you didn’t require so much $ down that told me you were confident in your work. Your guys were very personable and did a good job working around our plants which is a job in it self. The guys worked well together and seemed to like their jobs. They also kept us informed on what they were doing and when they were going to be here. Yes, we would recommend your company. You did an excellent job on the house. You really pay attention to detail and the siding guys and gutter guys do a quality job and seem to take pride in the job they do. It shows. We have already had compliments on the looks of the job. Thanks for a good job

September 25, 2018