Jean L – Wind Damaged Fascia Repair Bloomington, IL

I wanted a legitimate, quality business that was insured, could get materials quickly, and that had experience.  I also wanted the job done soon because I didn’t want birds, rain, or snow getting in due to the missing soffit piece. I was very pleased with Kristin’s responsiveness after I sent in an online form for an estimate.  She was very easy to talk with, addressed any questions or special requests, and stopped by to show me some color choices. She also scheduled someone to do the job quickly.  I also liked that she told me how I would get billed so I didn’t miss this email. Initially the contractor missed replacing one piece of fascia that we had agreed would be replaced. I talked to Kristin, she immediately took ownership for forgetting to tell the contractor, and the contractor came back the next day to correct it.  He was pleasant even though he had to come back. I want a company that acknowledges and addresses mistakes, so this was a positive versus negative experience for me. I would definitely use Carlson again.

January 17, 2023