Elizabeth Lugg – New Roof in Normal IL

The following didn’t surprise me, but it did indeed please me.   First, work ethic.  The crews arrived on time or a few minutes early, they were friendly, they worked straight through stopping just for lunch break, they showed up to finish the job yesterday which, considering the weather others would have said it was too inclement, the crew kept the work site excruciatingly clean, and the project manager came out to check on their work.  Second, they roofed the main house on Wednesday.  Because of the forecast for rain on Thursday and Friday, they left the roof on the garage and back porch in place, rather than ripping everything off – which would have been easier but would leave me with a partially finished and tarped job for two days of rain.  They returned on Saturday nice and early and were done by mid-afternoon.   Finally, I appreciated the care they took when I told them that I had an elderly dog who needed the ramp off the back porch to get in and out of the house to go to the bathroom.  Not only did they make sure that her ramp was always accessible, but when they saw her coming out into the yard, someone would alert the whole crew to make sure no one threw something off the roof and accidently hit her.  Moreover, when they returned on Saturday, they even worked around a mallard duck who for some reason had decided to roost right next to my front steps – right in the middle of the work site.  As she sat there on her eggs everyone worked around her.  I have owned my house since 1998 so I have watched many roofing companies.  None of them were as professional, skilled, and minimized disruption to the neighborhood.   The work and vehicles were confined to my property and directly in front of my property.  There was no loud radio music playing or inappropriate language.  None of my neighbors were inconvenienced which was wonderful because not only are they my neighbors, but many of them are also colleagues on the faculty at ISU.

I have needed to re-roof for several years but, frankly, have dreaded the thought of having a work crew on my property and all the possible irritations it could cause.  Had I known how professional crews such as yours could be, I wouldn’t have put it off.   I drive up to my house now and just sit in the driveway.  The roof is beautiful, the chimney is beautiful, and with the gutter covers, I know I am not going to be digging maple seeds out of my gutters.  Worth every penny.

April 20, 2015