Drew Barringer – Roof Repair in Bloomington IL

I didn’t have any concerns before I started working with you. Carlson came highly recommended from family friends, and I really appreciated Nick’s involvement/prompt responses to my questions. No surprises, which is great! The repairs were quick (less than a half day), and so far, I haven’t had any issues with my roof (it’s Spring in Illinois, so I’m sure the roof will continually be tested with hard rain). I’m very pleased with the process and outcome. The crew showed up 30 minutes before I expected them. It was a Saturday morning, and I was home waiting for them, so it wasn’t an inconvenience (more of a welcome surprise). But under different circumstances, I would’ve appreciated a call to let me know they’d be there earlier than initially expected. I’ll recommend Carlson to my friends and family, and consider you for any future repairs. Again, I’m pleased with the service, and the quality of the work seems great so far. Thanks again for your help navigating the process!

April 19, 2019