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Flat Roofs and Low Slope Roofs

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Carlson Exteriors specializes in installing and repairing rubber roofs for flat roofs and low slope roofs.

Rubber Roofs

Carlson Exteriors is Genflex licensed installer. If your rubber roof has a tear, hole, bad seam, or just leaking we are equipped to repair or replace it. Genflex is our preferred brand for rubber roof replacements. We can replace any rubber roof with a 45 mil or a 60 mil black rubber up to 30′ x 100′ single sections. If the water is not draining properly off your flat roof, we can add tapered iso to create a positive slope. Genflex is a TPO Membrane that meets or exceeds all of the requirements for ASTM D 6878-03 and is manufactured in the USA. Click here to visit the Genflex website. Click here for the Genflex Data Sheet.

Low Slope Roofs

Flintlastic is a premium self adhering membrane. It’s a perfect for most low-slope roof applications. Flintlastic comes in 8 different colors; it will match most asphalt roofs. Flintlastic SA Membrane meets all of the requirements for ASTM D 6164. Click here to see all of the colors Flintlastic comes in. Click here for the Flintlastic Data Sheet.

Request a quote for a low slope roof or a flat roof by using the form below or calling 309-661-9001.

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