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The Best Contractors To Call For Hail Damage

James Hardie smooth 4x8 panels in peppersorn gray and lazy grey siding

James Hardie smooth 4x8 panels in peppersorn gray and lazy grey siding

The results are in! Our clients have voted and said their favorite thing about us is that we actually call them back. It’s a small thing; but when communication is missing you, the customer, are left wondering if you were forgotten.

When you first call us, here is what you should expect:

When you need an estimate, here is what you should expect:

When you choose Carlson Exteriors Inc as your contractor, here is what you should expect:

Have you experienced any recent hail or storm damage? Be weary of any PUSHY door-to-door salespeople. Look for the 4 following red flags:

  1. If they ask you to sign a “waiver” to inspect your roof. Usually they disguise this waiver as a documentation that you allowed them to inspect your roof. Hidden in the fine print is a clause stating you have to use them as your contractor if there is hail damage. Preserve your right to research and select the contractor you are comfortable with by not signing any forms.
  2. No local, physical office. Without a local office it could mean they are “storm chasers” which is an industry term to describe a contractor who travels the nation following storms. When they leave town it will be difficult to get them to return for any warranty work such as leaks. A physical office is tangible proof that the contractor is stable, invested in their business, and is more likely to be running a proper company (actually paying their taxes). Ideally you want a contractor with a physical, local office.
  3. No Proper License held in their name. Illinois requires all roofing contractors to have a license. You want to be able to look at the license and make sure it’s in your contractors name and that they aren’t sharing a license with another company. Yes – that happens!
  4. Labor and Material Warranty. Every legitimate contractor should provide you with at least a 1 year labor warranty; Carlson Exterior’s provides a 3 year labor warranty. You also want to know you have an iron-clad material warranty. These 2 warranties ensures your contractor won’t vanish after the repair or replacement.

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