Tom Kirk- Enviro Dri Moisture Barrier in Bloomington IL

I was not familiar with the spray product. I asked your guys about the procedure and they spent time explaining how the process worked. They also showed me the equipment truck and how it worked. I was surprised how fast the project was completed. I was pleased from start to finish. The job estimator called me back promptly every time. The workers arrived at the scheduled time. No waste was left behind. They did a great job of protecting the site from overspray.  I started off telling your three workers that the quality of this job is important to me. I plan on staying in this house for as long as possible. I asked that they do the best job they possibly can. All three were sincere in saying that they would. I believe that they did. Those guys did a great job and worked hard. I am very pleased with the experience.

September 12, 2017