Robyn Peffer- Siding Repair in Peoria, IL

Since Carlson had already done work for us twice this year, we had no concerns about the company. Nothing surprised us except maybe that Johnnie could work outside most of the day in below zero windchill!  We have had a reoccurring leak in our sunroom that Nick & Johnney have been trying to get to the bottom of for 6 months.  We are pleased that they are knowledgeable & persistent in trying to find the cause & fix it. I already have recommended Carlson. We are pleased with the quality of their work, reasonable cost of the work, knowledge of construction, attention to detail, pride in their work, & everyone we’ve had contact with in the company (Nick, Johnney, Lora, & roofing crew) have been friendly, courteous, & put customer service as well as quality of work as a top priority.

  I hope I don’t need for you to come back for the sunroom leak, but hope to see you again when I convince my husband to do new doors & /or windows.  🙂

Repeat Customer

December 21,2016