Nathan Howard – Gutter Replacement in Le Roy IL

My only initial concern was going to be price.  I felt confident that the work would be done correctly.
I was very happy to have worked out a price that was fair with other quotes received.
I was very happy and surprised about four things:
1. It appeared to be done correctly.  They look great.
2. The finish and quality of the installation was clean and crisp.  Very professional.
3. The downspouts were installed with a hinge so that I could flip up the extension when mowing.  That was a very nice touch with quality hinges.
4. You installed an extra splash guard where two roof sections came together to minimize water passing over the gutter.  Again, very cool and very professional/clean.  It shows that you care about doing it right.
I honestly can’t think of anything that you could have done better or differently.  I mean, the only thing that I regret is that the gutters look so nice, they make my facia look old and dirty and I wish I would have had that replaced too.  But that’s not your problem.  You guys did great.
April 26, 2018