Jon Cook – Siding and Soffit work in Bloomington IL

I didn’t really have any concerns.  Obviously when you are spending that much money you want to know that things will be done correctly and in a timely manner but overall I had no concerns about the work being completed. First, you staff should be commended every step along the way.  From communication to interactions on site everything went above and beyond what I expected.  The work that was completed looks so much better than the work one of your competitors completed down the street from me.  I could tell that your employees take pride in their work and make your company look even better. Everything was very smooth, on time, when there was a delay I was notified.  I wish I could give you a critique but to be honest this was the first thing I have paid to have completed on my house and don’t have anything to compare it to. Of course I would recommend Carlson Exteriors.  I placed dozens of calls to have this work completed and out of everyone you were 1 of 2 that actually called me back.  Out of the 2 that called me back you were the only company that stayed in contact with me.  Just for the communication alone I would choose Carlson Exteriors.

August 15, 2018