John Bauby – Roof Replacement in Bloomington, IL

I’ve had issues in the past with roofing companies.  I gave another company the go-ahead to replace the roof on my shed back in September. Said they would start in two weeks and I didn’t hear from him again (not even a phone call) until 2 weeks ago.  As I’m sure you’re aware, this sort of treatment is why many of the trade services get such a bad rap.

Your team however was the opposite, Nick kept me informed throughout the process. What surprised me was you genuinely seemed interested in my business and everyone was very professional.

The fact that your guys realized that two of the corner pieces that had blown off the roof and were dented and didn’t just put them up and call it a day, or put them on the other side of the building says a lot for the way your company does business.  I appreciate that.

I’d also like to call out Rick for going above and beyond today.  With the wind as bad as it’s been the last few weeks my flag was in tatters.  Not being able to put any weight on my leg meant I couldn’t get up and replace it. It was was embarrassing to have the US flag looking that way.  I asked Rick if he’d mind taking it down while he had his ladder out.  Of course he said yes and took it down for me.  That sort of service is not normal.

Overall I am VERY pleased with the results and will be letting my friends know there is a roofing company in this town that does excellent work.

Thanks, JB