Edaurdo Pimentel – Roof Repair Normal IL

I had the typical concerns of any home owner, which had nothing to do with your company. Those concerns were; will this be a company that does a quality job, will they be affordable, will they have good customer service, etc.  I was surprised with how quickly you guys responded to my inquiry and how quickly the job was finished after that point. I have been very pleased with the customer service that was provided. The gentlemen who met with me and inspected the roof was very friendly and professional and he explained his plan of approach plainly and simply without any displeasure. So far my roof has not been properly tested with a good string of rainy days so we will see how it holds up when that comes. I would certainly recommend your business to friends and co-workers based upon the aforementioned reasons, including but not limited to; speed of response, professionalism, customer courtesy, and affordable pricing.

April 13, 2018