Devin K- New Siding and New Roofing in Bloomington IL

We just want to thank everyone at Carlson’s again for making the exterior of our home beautiful!

With such a major change to the exterior of our home, we were concerned with the overall look of our new siding, front windows, gutters,  and trim.  Carlson’s had just replaced our roof and four sky lights the year prior and we wanted to make sure everything went together cohesively. Carlson Exteriors did an excellent job, and their attention to detail and use of quality materials was a welcome relief.  When we came home to see the first section of the siding completed, we knew we had made the right decision!

The Carlson Exteriors staff was courteous and professional, and were quick to respond to any concerns we raised.    On the few occasions where we noticed a detail that wasn’t quite to our liking, the crews were receptive and professional with our feedback, and made sure we were satisfied with all aspects before moving on.  It was a relief to have a crew that took pride in their work, and also valued our total satisfaction as customers.  
Thank you for doing an outstanding job!  With the installation of new roofing, siding, gutters, and windows, it’s like we have a brand new home.   Your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction was refreshing, and we would recommend Carlson’s to anyone looking to revitalize their home!
Devin and Rob
September 13, 2017