Bret Eckberg – New Roof in Normal IL

I had questions that I needed to talk to someone about. Nick provided me with all the answers I needed. I appreciate that he spent the time with me to understand my needs. Nick and his crew provided very personalized service and were extremely polite. I told Nick I’ve never been called “Sir” so many times in my life. I appreciated the personalized service as I like to build business relationships with people that I trust. Trust is a big factor when you’re spending this kind of money on something so important. Nick and his crew gained my trust. The crew was very careful with my landscaping, which is very extensive and delicate. I actually expected more issues. Another note: most contractors, when they consult with you, tell you about all the things that COULD go wrong and dwell on them and you never get a level of trust and confidence. Nick never did this. I always trusted that they could do the job and deal with whatever came up. I look forward to doing more projects with you in the future

May 3, 2016