Brent Fletcher – New Roof in Bloomington, IL

I did not have any concerns about your company.  I was just concerned that there might be some other damages under the shingles.  However, there were none so that was good. No, I had no surprises.  Everything went just as I was told it would. I’m not sure I can think of anything that could have been done better.  I don’t know much about roofing so if there were any problems, your team took care of it without bothering me about it.  Much appreciated. I would recommend your business to others.  Most of my neighborhood already knows of your great reputation. I like that fact that you gave addresses around my house of other roofs to look at so I could pick the right color for mine.  That was very helpful. Clean up was great.  The team was great.  I loved coming home from vacation to my new roof and gutters.  Looks awesome.  Thank you

June 11, 2019