Billiemarie Marshall- Replacement Siding in Clinton, IL

I have heard so many horror stories about contractors who take advantage of homeowners by cutting corners to make more money (especially if the homeowner is a single female), asking for 30-50% downpayment, and failing to answer phone calls from clients. AsI visited with Brandon during our first meeting I noticed he was very personable. He was a good listener – making eye contact, really being quiet long enough to really listen, and choosing his words carefully in order to not misrepresent his statements or cause misunderstanding. Secondly, I was surprised (very pleasantly to hear you required no down payment. That was a game changer for me. Thirdly, Brandon’s communications were fabulous! Every time I called him, he either picked up or called me back soon – often within five minutes and almost never more than thirty minutes. Wow! That was huge for me! Fourth Brandon was willing to work with me in coming up with the best plan for addressing the issues involving my home. The project went from a simple siding job to a project that required removing everything down to the studs, installing OSB, foam, and Tyvek, before replacing the siding. the fact that Brandon stayed working with me through all of the what if’s and actually helped educate me about products and ways of doing things gave me a great deal of confidence in both his acknowledgement and his integrity.

I have sung your praises to everyone I know!

November 28, 2016