Alan Sans – Soffit Repair in Bloomington, IL

I did not have any concerns before I started to work with you. After starting to work with you, I was not surprised by anything. I was pleased you would take on a small project. I was having some trouble finding anyone to tackle something of modest size. As far as something you could have done better, at this point I don’t have any criticism other than I was afraid either you forgot to bill me for the work, or that the bill got misdirected. All is well now. I would recommend Carlson Exteriors Inc. because you told me what you would do, how much it would cost, and approximately when the work would be started. And you did what you said, it cost what you estimated, and the work was started in a timely manner. I am pleased you are willing to take on small projects as well as large ones.

February 1, 2018