service foreman
Johnney Lowe – Service and Siding

Johnney Lowe typically runs service calls and siding related crews. Johnney never rushes a job just to “complete” it. He has a very critical eye and will not use any material that has even the slightest scratch or color difference.






garage door foreman
Mitchell Harston – Garage Doors and Fences

Mitchell Harston is our Garage Door Specialist. No garage door gets installed by Carlson Exteriors without his supervision. When he’s not installing garage doors you can find him installing fences or working on siding projects.







Siding foreman
Brian Peavler – Siding, Windows and Doors

Brian Peavler heads up a meticulous siding crew. Brian loves involving homeowners in the process of the job by talking to them and getting their opinion on details. Brian is also an expert window and door installer.







gutter foreman
Brad Smith – Gutters and Fences

Brad Smith oversees our seamless gutter crews. He enjoys what he does and is skilled at re-routing gutter for proper water flow. You can also find Brad working on fences, installing house wrap, or working on siding crews.















Carlson Exteriors roofing foreman
David Brenner – Roofing Foreman

David Brenner manages our roofing crew. He never skips corners on any roof replacement or roof repair. David keeps a good eye on all our guys on the roof to make sure everyone is safe!







siding foreman
Joe Schenk – Siding Foreman

Joe Schenk leads our siding crew. He makes sure everyone on his crew is timely and professional.  Joe always thinks ahead to make sure no extra material is missed and catches problems before they happen.






Eduardo Pozos Jr. - Foreman of Enviro Dri
Eduardo Pozos Jr. – Foreman of Enviro Dri

Eduardo Pozos Jr. runs the Enviro Dri crew, which is a spray applied moisture management membrane. You’ll see him and our guys on a lot of new construction job sites as they make sure each new home will stay dry and free from any surprise leaks. Click here to read more about Enviro Dri.