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Our Story

Our employees were tired of working for contractors who cheat homeowners out of a quality job to make fast cash – our employees knew a better company existed. They wanted to feel good about the work they did everyday. They wanted to know the roof they just replaced would not leak. They wanted to look the homeowners in the eye and not lie about the quality of work. They wanted to improve their community one job at a time. They came to Carlson Exteriors because they knew that was our company’s promise.

We wear the Carlson logo proudly because….

“This company gives me the security any worker would want; Darren keeps looking for ways to keep the company growing. This makes me feel good since I don’t view this as a job but as a career with the opportunity to move up and grow with the company”

“At previous employers, it was about getting done to get the money. They didn’t worry if we had to fix something later as long as it was done and the employer was paid. I believe here at Carlson Exteriors we want to do it right the first time with quality and care, no need to go back!”

“Darren has this way of running the company that empowers each one of us. Instead of being told I’m responsible of certain tasks, I actually feel responsible for the outcome of the task. Darren trusts that I will do my job to the best I can on a daily basis; I don’t want to let him or the customer down. The logo I wear isn’t some random company’s graphic, it’s my company. A company I feel like I share ownership of.”

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