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Siding – When To Replace It?

two story ranch with dark grey siding, black trim, real cedar siding, black garage door, dark brown brick

Mastic Deep Granite Grey siding, Black trim, black roof, real cedar siding on this home in Peoria IL

Siding is one of the harder projects to decide when it’s time to completely replace it. Even if smaller storm or wind damaged siding it’s easier to make repairs even if the siding is very old. If Siding looks dirty, aged, or has algae growth most of the times a power washing will breathe life into old siding. So…. when should you replace your siding? Reasonings can range anywhere for pure aesthetic reasons to necessity and that often rests in what material your current siding is.

Cedar Siding seems to be the easiest to decide when it’s on its last leg. If the he cedar siding has rotted dramatically, wood peckers have bored holes all over, or you’ve just grown tired of all the maintenance that goes into cedar siding. All of these are valid reasons to replace wooden siding.

Hard Board Siding has a reputation of long-lasting siding which is true but it needs to be installed correctly. If it’s not installed correctly, water can easily cause premature siding failure or leaks all throughout your home. Usually if it was installed wrong, you will frequently find leaks around your windows + entry doors. Unlike vinyl siding, hard board siding needs to be removed from the top down. This can result in some extensive repair costs if you are trying to stop window leaks. You will find yourself paying for full siding walls to be removed to address a window. At that point, you might as well replace your siding.

Extremely Faded Siding – Twenty years ago, vinyl siding was not as advanced in preserving color like it is now. Most sidings are rated to preserve color for as long as the panel is viable. Once the color is completely bleached out, your siding may also be extremely weak and brittle. It might not weather heavy storms and high winds like it did in it’s prime.

Siding can fade over the years. The darker parts are where other siding panels were overlapping

The faded siding might also make your home look less appealing. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, contemplate replacing your siding. A good-looking home and bring in more prospective buyers. On the other hand, if you plan on staying in your home years to come, replace that siding for yourself! You want to love your home and nothing beats that more than pulling into a driveway of a home you’re proud to call yours.

Fungus, Mold, and Algae on Your Siding – Vinyl siding is extremely low maintenance but occaisionally it needs a little powerwashing to clean off the dirt and debris build up. If this has been ignored for many years, fungus and algae can grow on the surface of your siding panels. While powerwashing can help lessen the mold it won’t always get rid of it. The failsafe way to get rid of the algae is to just replace your siding and start from scratch.

If Your Home Doesn’t Have Housewrap – Requiring a moisture barrier underneath the siding was only put into effect in the recent years. If your home was built before the 2000’s it may not have housewrap on it. Housewrap or a spray applied moisture barrier (like Enviro Dri) is crucial at keeping your home free from leaks and rot. In theory, your current siding can be re-used; but depending on how brittle your siding is it may break as it’s removed . It’s not a bad idea to change up your siding look, especially if you are tired of it, when you have housewrap installed.

Your Siding Has Been Discontinued – If your siding has been discontinued it can be difficult or impossible to find replacement panels for repairs. You may find yourself going with a similar color in another brand’s siding for small repairs but over time you quickly find yourself living in a mix-matched home. Any warranty claims are extremely difficult to gain traction. If the mother company of your siding is still around, you might get some response but it won’t be as much as you’d hoped or as much as you would be entitled for a non-discontinued line.

This lovely ranch home was re-sided with James Hardie Fiber Cement siding in custom colors.

You Hate The Color Or Style – Yes, you hate it. You should love your home. Your house should be a reflection of you and if the color or style isn’t you, replace it! You are allowed to change things up when you want to.

Pebblestone clay siding, wicker handsplit shakes, red gable accents, white trim in Normal il
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