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Top 3 Exterior Design Trends

Kristin Dietrich

Kristin Dietrich is the Customers Relations Manager and In-House Designer. She has a passion for creating stunning, jaw-dropping homes. She has named her top 3 exterior design trends that she hopes to see more of.

1- A gutter system that is a different color than the soffit and fascia

2- Window casings that are a different color than the window itself

3 – Incorporating wood tones on the exterior of your home.

1. Gutter system that doesn’t match the home’s soffit and Fascia

Historically speaking, a home’s gutter system is meant to be invisible. Homeowners and Visitors both should visually gloss over the water management even though we all know it’s there and necessarily needs to be there. Seamless gutters match the fascia and soffit color while downspouts match the siding or outside corners of homes. Kristin loves to utilize gutters as a color accent.

2. Window Casings that are a Different Color Than the Window

Many homes try to have their window casings and their actual windows match in color. Kristin is loving the trend where the casing is a different color than the window itself. The home in the video has black windows, granite (dark grey) siding, yet the window casings are white. It adds an intentional design element that is very commanding to the eye.

3. Wood Tones

Wood tones seem to really elevate the look of any exterior product. It makes a standard vinyl product seem slightly more luxury when you pair it with real wood or a faux wood. You can do this in cedar shutters, cedar porch beams, faux wood garage doors, or even accent walls in cedar siding.

All three of these trends are an easy add and are budget friendly. If you are wanting to update the look of your home without spending a ton of money (like for a full reside) you could switch out the color of your decorative casings not eh front of your home, replace your gutters, or creatively add wood shutters to your home. We would really love to hear your favorite trends are or your thoughts on her top 3.

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