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What To Expect For Your Siding Replacement

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Every siding replacement project is it’s own unique process but there are some common steps you can expect. Below you can find general expectations during siding replacement, ways to prepare for the siding crew and siding project, questions you might want to ask, and information to help you feel comfortable during your siding replacement.

Preparing for Siding Replacement

Working power outlet – The crew will need power for their tools. They will not be able to start the project without access to a working outlet. We prefer a 20-amp circuit outlet to ensure constant power and no delays, but it’s not required.

Prepare the outside – Move any valuables such as potted plants, furniture, grills away from the siding walls. Remove any exterior decorations and think about wrapping landscaping. This prep work expedites the whole process; if you are unable to move some of these items our crew members can do it for is. Our siding crews are very careful but accidents can happen. These preventative measures can save a lot of headache for you, the homeowner, while speeding up the siding process.

Prepare the inside of your exterior walls – Remove wall hangings, items, or shelves leaning against exteriors walls. Quite a bit of vibration is caused during the siding removal and install causing items to fall.

Plan an alternate spot for you or your pets – If you think you or any pets might be sensitive to the louder noise, it’s not a bad idea to plan an alternative spot during the construction hours for yourself or your fuzzy companions.

Cut your grass – I know this sounds silly, but cutting your grass – especially shorter than normally – will allow the crew to clean up easier and find any run-away nails or debris.

During Your Siding Replacement

Dumpster – A dumpster, most likely will be placed in your driveway the day before the crew arrives or the same day the crew arrives. The dumpster company will try and place it in the least obnoxious spot possible. There is always a small risk of your driveway cracking from the dumpster; that is usually notated in your siding contract. You can ask your contractor if street placement is possible but that will depend on what the city allows.

Siding material delivery – This may arrive the day before the crew arrives or the same day the crew arrives. The siding material will likely be on a larger pallet and placed in your driveway in the best place possible. If you have any preferences be sure to mention it to your Project Manager before the start of your project.

Crew working schedule – Carlson Exterior’s crews start between 7-8am and stop between 5-6pm Monday through Friday. There are some outlying situations- shorter winter daylight considerations or longer working hours to meet certain contractor deadlines. For remodel siding projects, we try and not work over the weekend so as not to disturb the homeowners or neighbors and allow our crews to enjoy quality family time. It is good to know in advance what working schedule your siding replacement crew will be adhering to.

Process – Before the crew starts any work, they will get acclimated with your property and the project at hand. They will set up multiple work stations – a brake, a brake table to lay out the aluminum, and a cutting station that will likely include a table saw and miter saw. Once everything is set up they will start the siding removal process. Most crews start by completely removing 1 wall at a time to prevent leaving it exposed to the weather.

Overnight – Since a siding replacement is a longer remodel process, it’s not uncommon for crews to leave scaffolding, pump-jacks, or even secured ladders in place over night. Any quality crew will clean up construction debris nightly.

Conversations with the Siding Foreman – Often times the foreman will present you with a few options on how you would like certain siding details handled. The foreman should be patient and help you to understand the question at hand in terms you understand.

Questions To Ask Before your Siding Crew Starts Replacement

What is the expected Length of the Siding Replacement? – Most siding replacements take anywhere from 2- 6 week long. Your Project Manager should have a good idea of how long your home should take without any weather delays or unexpected repairs.

What if there is any unexpected rot or needed repairs? – While these may come as a low blow to homeowners it is best to try and address them as they are discovered. You don’t want to slap your new siding right over a known leak. With that said you do want to have clear communication with your project manager if anything unexpected pops up. Understand how this changes price and length of project. Most quality contractors have an idea if something is hiding under the surface of your siding but it’s impossible to know 100% without completely removing your old siding.

Information You Should Share With Your Siding Crew

Your tolerance for music volume levels – please be mindful that crews cannot have headphones in both ears. That is generally an unsafe workplace.

Parking Preferences – depending on crew size there will likely be 1-2 trucks and 1-2 trailers that will need to be parked. If you have any preferences, please share that upfront

Home or yard features to look out for – if you have an underground septic to be mindful of, or any features you want special attention to the work spent around it. Be sure to set those boundaries and preferences up front with you siding crew, project manager, or foreman.

Remember that even though siding is hard work, our siding installers are true craftsmen. They take pride in their work and have honed their skills over the years. Learn their names and try to have daily conversations (even if it’s short). This will create a positive work environment on your property which will result in a great siding replacement experience.

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