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Mid Week Check-in 6/16/2022

Bryant and his crew are almost finished with their vinyl siding replacement. This home is getting Mastic Natural slate Board and Batten siding and Mastic Red Cedar Shakes

Charles installed Mastic Cape Cod Shakes where brick was removed on this property

Brad’s crew has been gutter replacements nd fixing sotrm damaged gutters

Brad and his crew have been installing new construction gutters and fixing residential seamless gutters.

Dave has been fixing leaks on low slope roofs and pipes coming through valleys

Dave removed a a leaking low slope roof, replaced the rotted wood, properly flashed it and installed new roles roofing. A valley was leaking because a pipe that was going through the valley was causing a leak.

Ricky replace bad soffit, missing soffit and fascia, and replace a gutter section

Ricky replaced bad an missing soffit this week

Nathan and his crew have been tearing off bad hardboard siding, replacing the tyvek, and replacing any rotten wood

Nathans’ crew has started tearing off and hardboard siding and replacing the bad tyvek to get it ready for new siding.

Josh installed missing shingles, replaced cracked siding, and leaky pipe boots

Josh installed missing shingles and replaced cracked siding while fixing leaking pipe boots.

Mitchell has been installing lots of garage doors- stamped carriage style and raised panel

Mitchell has installed lots of agar doors this week.

Jonney fixed a leaky window, installed tyvek were missing, replaced steel siding and re-install

Johnney fixed a leaking commercial window. He also installed tyvek where it was missing on a home, replaced 1 piece fo steel siding and re-installed all the old siding.

Joe and his crew finished a vinyl siding replacement which also included a rotten garage door header

Joe’s crew finished up a vinyl siding replaced. The garage door header was rotted, they replaced that and properly flashed it so no more leaks .

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