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Mid Week Check-in 5/26/2022

Nathan’s crew is finishing up LP Smartside job

Nathan is almost finished replacing the cedar siding on this local hotel with LP Smartside siding. He also fixed some loose soffit at an Apartment complex before it fell down.

Johnney has been stopping leaks where all roof lines meet the siding wall

Johnney has been working on house that was originally installed incorrectly where the roof line meets the siding. Then a second layer of shingles was put on, then caulk was installed instead of fixing it properly. Not anymore! Johnney removed siding, and as much shingles as needed to correct the flashing. He then installed 2 layers of shingles (to match the rest of the roofline) and re-installed old siding.

Jamel has been installing lots of new construction gutters

camel’s Crew has been installing many new construction seamless gutters.

Josh replaced some missing 3-tab shingles on an older roof

Josh installed some missing shingles on an older roof. He has been helping Dave with the rubber roof install.

Jayrden replaced some missing shingles and installed a temporary patch to stop a leak before roof is replced

Jayden has also been installing shingles where they were blown off. He also installed synthetic felt where a roof is leaking to temporarily stop the roof leak until we replace the roof in the next couple weeks,

Dave installed a rubber roof and replaced a rotted roof section on an apartment complex

Dave installed a rubber roof and replaced a rotted roofing section on an apartment complex

Joe finished up replacing siding on a shed, has started replacing siding on the main home, and teaching a newer member how to use a siding brake

Joe finished up a shed siding replacement and started on the main home. He has also been teaching a newer employee how to fabricate custom metal pieces.

Ricky has been replacing many windows

Ricky replaced more windows this week! Looking good!

Mitchell installed windows into a garage, and installed 6 garage doors this week

Mitchell has installed windows into a windowless garage. He’s replaced a few dented panels and installed 6 garage doors this week.

Bryant’s crew has placed the final pices on thier new construction home, then repalced some cracked siding

Bryant installed the final pieces on a siding install for a new construction home. He replaced some cracked siding on an apartment complex. Now he starts a new project!

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